Saturday, 05 February 2011

Let Your Make Up Do The Talking!

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Are you a fan of makeup? Want to know what's in?
Take a peek at the following new makeup trends suitable for 2011 as they are absolutely fabulous and worth admiring!

Check out what makeup styles will be popular for the hot season and pick your makeup style from the natural, bold lip and bold eye makeup!
look absolutely fabulous and allow women with different preferences to find a makeup style which suits their personal preference.

Natural Look

Natural makeup can be the greatest and easiest option way out. As naturalness has become highly praised since the past couple of seasons.

How To

1. Use a foundation to create a flawless looking skin,
2. Enhance your eyes using mascara,
3. Apply a small amount of blush on your cheekbones to emphasize
4. Apply a clear lip gloss on your lips to make them stand out.

This type of makeup is perfect for any occasion and matches absolutely everyone! 

Bold Lipstick

Most people consider the lips to be the most attractive part on a woman's body, you can do this by emphasize this using a bold coloured lipstick.

How to

To create fuller lips trace the contour of your lips using the lip liner in the same color as your lipstick will be and line just outside your lip line. This will give your lips an increased surface without the effect being obvious. 

Bold Eyes

This type of bold makeup suits more formal, evening occasions.

You can use bold eye shadow colours such as green, black, purple etc. Mascara and eyeliner are a must for this type of makeup.

You can also use an eyeliner of a smokey eye makeup to give the eyes a bold definition.

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