Wednesday, 19 June 2019

KEPAZA - 3 days to London Fashion Week

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The Norwegian short film documentary (KEPAZA - 3 days to London Fashion Week) will be premiered at Hôtel Gray d'Albion, theatre, Cannes May 20, 2019. This is a collaboration with the world of film International festival.

Kepaza (3 days to London Fashion Week) is a short film documentary about Norwegian Pernille Fristad and her clothing brand Kepaza who showed her collection at Fashions Finest at London Fashion Week. The documentary shows a hard work young woman who alone has built up an international clothing brand. We follow Pernille’s on the way to London and with them on the trip she has the well-known Youtuber Michelle Khare, Michelle tests out different professions she has never done before and this time as the shortest model to go on LFW.  The founder of Fashions Finest, Deborah St. Louis is also part of the documentary.

 Genre: Short film documentary

Time: 15:43

Premiere: May 20th Cannes Festival, Theater Gray D´albion

Posted and directed by: Sondre Fristad

Production Company: Refuge Film



 Cooperation with Youtuber Michelle Khare: