Thursday, 20 June 2019

Chrome Gel Manicure Powder + No Wipe Topcoat Duo

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Festival season is upon us, and alongside your over-sized sunnies, distressed denim shorts and glittery wellies, all anyone needs is the perfect chrome mirror shine mani.  

The nail trend of the 2019 season is now available for you to re create in the comfort of your own home, offering you a perfect chrome mirror shine that will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are in a sexy safari playsuit like Olivia Culpo, or the neon brights as worn by Winnie Harlow at Coachella there is a shade to suit your wildest outfit, (Holographic, Unicorn,Rose Gold, Red Chameleon, Blue Chameleon, Iridescent Flakes). These 6 x Chrome Gel Manicure Powder + No Wipe Topcoat Duo Packs are just £17.00 each. 

These “must-use” manicure sets will leave your nails looking like mirrors and when created over a dark colour will achieve an even greater chrome/mirror effect. Each pack includes a no wipe topcoat that’s formulated to leave no sticky or tacky residue after curing.

Providing a salon-quality mirror shine at the fraction of the price and within half the time, each Chrome Gel Manicure Powder and Topcoat provides a high gloss manicure for up to 14 days when cured under the SensatioNail LED lamp.

How to get your nails festival ready :-

  • Chrome powder nails can be created over either a clear nail or a base colour. When Chrome nails are created over a dark colour such as black you will achieve a greater chrome or mirror effect. 
  • Shape and gently buff the nail using a nail buffer.  Use nail polish remover or nail cleanser to cleanse the nail and ensure that there is no dirt or oil left on the nail.
  • Apply one thin coat of SensatioNail Gel Base & Topcoat. Cure under the LED nail lamp.
  • Apply your chosen gel polish colour to your nails and cure. Apply a second coat, if necessary and cure.
  • Wipe the tacky layer with a DRY lint-free wipe.  DO NOT USE CLEANSER OR ALCOHOL TO REMOVE THE TACKY LAYER. Wipe until the tacky layer is gone and the colour looks matte.
  • Apply the chrome nail powder using the sponge applicator. Apply pressure and rub into the nail until it’s perfectly smooth.
  • IMPORTANT! Clean any excess product from around the nail using a nail brush, lint-free wipe, or your table towel.
  • Apply SensatioNail No-Wipe Gel Top Coat or SensatioNail Base & Top Coat making sure that you cap the free edge. Cure under the LED lamp for 15 seconds.
  • If using SensatioNail Original Base and Topcoat, finish by removing the moisture layer using the Gel Cleanser and Lint-Free wipe. You’re done! Chip free, high-shine chrome gel nails for 14 days.

SensatioNail Chrome Gel Manicure Powder + No Wipe Topcoat Duo Packs is available from Boots and now.