Wednesday, 03 July 2019

7 Tips For Flawless Summer Skin

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Image source - Alx Iby Unsplash

At some point in time, it was assumed that most men simply weren't required to take care of their skin.

We know better now, of course, as there are many males out there who want to look their best---and rightly so.

However, some men might feel a bit sidelined when they search for tips to maintain their skin. Most of the articles and how-to lists out there focus primarily on women. Even the advertisements for beauty products are rarely directed towards men. This is quite a problem, as the skincare needs of men are different from that of women.

To fill this void, let’s talk about how men can achieve glowing and flawless skin, especially in the heat of the summer. It’s not just about cleansing and moisturizing; it’s also about following skin care regimes and knowing what’s best for your complexion:

Stick To The Basics

Cleansing. Toning. Moisturizing – this basic skincare regime is as important for men as it is for women. Your skin is exposed to smoke, exhaust fumes, and several other types of air pollution every single day. These are more than enough to damage your skin.

When cleansing, you need to keep in mind that a male’s skin is thicker and more prone to oiliness than that of females. Purchase a stronger facial cleanser for your own skin, preferably one that’s meant for all skill types. You can also search for some natural cleansers. Rosewater will do wonders for your everyday toning.

Moisturizing helps to prevent dryness, dullness and cracking in your skin. If you don’t moisturize regularly, your skin could even become itchy.

Exfoliate To Bring Back That Radiance

Another important aspect of your skincare regime is exfoliation. This involves using a nice face scrub or a brush. If you do use a brush, make sure that it’s clean whenever it comes into contact with your skin.

It’s not recommended that you exfoliate on a daily basis, but once a week should be enough. This will scrub away dead skin cells, which might otherwise cause infections and dullness. If you have a normal or combination skin, a cream or gel-based facial scrub should do the trick. Remember, exfoliating is also an essential step before applying men's makeup.

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t something that any male or female can afford to skip during the summers. A sunscreen with high SPF may protect your skin during the summer. This is especially important for the face, as too much UV exposure can cause permanent damage such as wrinkles, sunburn, and fine lines. Make sure you apply sunscreen on every bit of your exposed skin at least twice a day.

Eat Right

Simple applying products or even natural substances to your skin isn’t going to result in a perfect look during a brutal summer. Focus on increasing your water intake so your body can easily flush out those nasty toxins from the body. This will help to keep your skin clear, refreshed, and glowing.

Foods with antioxidants are also a great idea for proper skincare. Go for seasonal fruits, especially citrus options, fresh berries, and pineapples. Seafood and vegetables are also great choices for protecting your skin as these foods help reduce inflammation and promote the production of collagen for your skin’s flexibility.

Take Care Of Your Beard To Protect The Skin Of Your Chin

Your beard is right there on your face, so keeping it clean is essential for maintaining flawless skin. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a beard, but it does tend to trap a lot of dust and debris.

There are beard shampoos and conditioners on the market too, so you might want to get those for a soft and clean experience. Be careful not to shampoo too much, though, as you need those natural oils for a healthy, moisturized beard.

Pay Attention To The Skin Of Your Lips

Lips can also get discolored, chapped, and generally unsightly if you don’t pay attention to them. Lips age over time, so you want to do what you can to retain their softness. Try applying a lip balm with sunscreen in the daytime. At night, go for something nourishing and hydrating.

Be Consistent

Just like everything else, getting flawless skin requires consistent efforts. Therefore, you should keep taking care of your skin for at least a couple of weeks before deciding what works best for your skin type. Though the skin care regimes will help you maintain the freshness of your skin, you can only be sure about it if you regularly do this throughout the summer.