Monday, 09 September 2019

Skincare and Beauty Recommendations for Middle-Aged Women

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Time flies, and whether we like it or not, we have to accept the fact that we're not getting any younger.

Most experts recommend anti-aging products once you hit the big 3-0, but there are plenty of other ways as well to prevent skin ageing and preserve your natural beauty well into your middle age.

1. Stress Relief

Chronic stress has numerous negative effects on our body, including skin health and beauty. Frequent exposure to stress results in a weakened immune system and makes you more susceptible to illnesses, infections and aging. Give yourself some well-deserved time away from work, family obligations and house chores. Mediation, mind games, jogging – find which stress reliever works best for you, and practice it on a daily basis, in order to preserve your mental health and your natural beauty.

2. Stay Away From The Sun

Although it seems almost impossible to resist the lovely warmth on your skin and the thought of having a golden tan, there are numerous health consequences of excessive sun exposure. Moreover, your vacation will come to an end and you'll be left with annoying, visible and potentially painful sunburns and sun spots. Although everyone, regardless of their age, gender, tan, or lifestyle, is at risk of developing skin problems due to sun exposure, once you turn 50, being a middle-aged woman increases the chances of sun-related discoloration on your body. This is because, once you turn 50, your skin loses elasticity and starts to thin which makes it more vulnerable to stress and damage. This is why it's important to use sun protection, limit your sun exposure time and try to hide in shade as much as possible, in order to minimize chances of further health risks related to UV damage. Uneven skin tones, age spots or redness can make it very difficult to cover up your facial skin flaws. However, there are quality skincare products for removing brown spots that will not dry out your skin like most harsh blemishing products.

3. Avoid Chemical Products

You may think the stronger the product, the more effective the process of healing will be. Most of the time we're buying products without really knowing what is it that we're going to put on our skin. And even when we do turn the package around and give the ingredients list a look, we pretend to know Latin and medical terms and skip to the "how to use" part. Harsh chemical products, especially acne-fighting lotions heavily dry out the skin, leaving it flaky and prone to forming wrinkles. If you want to be safe, stick to natural brands for skincare and makeup products, but still check the ingredients and take your allergies and restrictions (if there are some) into consideration. Moreover, an informative checkup with your dermatologist should be a must.

4. Natural Remedies

Mother Nature is the best solution for all problems, including skin imperfections. Either through diet or topical use, there are plenty of natural remedies and skin nurturers you can use instead of chemical products and artificial supplements. Vitamin C, chamomile, and green tea are the strongest antioxidants and anti-aging promoters, which can also be used as pain relievers since they hold anti-inflammatory properties as well. Needless to mention, drinking plenty of water throughout the day is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and hence healthy and young-looking skin. Eight glasses of water a day will keep your skin moist and make fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. If plain water is too bland for you, try starting a habit of having a cup of green tea each morning with a squeeze of honey for an energy boost and getting rid of toxins. There are many simple at-home recipes like covering yourself with homemade yogurt masks, cucumber slices, or resting in cool baths spiked with some milk and oatmeal, that will soothe your skin. A healthy and balanced diet postpones aging, while junk food, carbs and sugars damage collagen and elastin. Superfoods which contain vitamins and anti-carcinogenic properties and can easily be incorporated in your daily nutrition are dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, pomegranate juice, avocado and other.

5. Good Night's Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for a fresh, youthful and healthy look. It's no wonder sleeping beauty is a, well, such a beauty. Due to sleep deprivation, your body makes more of the stress hormone cortisol, which hurts your skin's quality. Increased inflammatory cells in the body lead to an increase in the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and these are the molecules which give your skin its glow and translucency. Hence, poor sleepers tend to age significantly faster than those who stick to a regular bedtime. Make sure you're getting a good night's rest by avoiding pre-bedtime distractions, heavy meals for dinner and too many cups of coffee throughout the day.

Take note of the tips we shared above and provide your beautiful skin with the care it deserves. It's never too late to look as young as you feel.