Thursday, 28 November 2019

Launch of zero waste shower gel

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Splosh a start-up company in Wales has launched a refillable shower gel, which cuts out plastic waste completely.

The product, which is the result of years’ of development, is refillable - customers simply add tap water to a concentrate refill to create the ready-to-use shower gel. The refill pouches can be returned to Splosh which the company then reprocess into other products.

The shower gel is a naturally derived formulation, packed full of moisturising ingredients. It’s available in three gorgeous fragrances - ginger & grapefruit, rose & cassis and rosemary & lavender.
The refills, which are small enough to fit through letterboxes, are very concentrated. When mixed with water the refills make up three 500ml bottle refills.

Splosh has a disruptive business model that cuts out supermarkets and sells direct to UK consumers. Their customers buy bottles and then refills - which comes as concentrates that fit through letterboxes. Splosh has a zero plastic waste ethic and sees itself as the first truly “circular economy” brand in their sector.

The Splosh range includes laundry detergents, fabric conditioners, washing up liquids, dishwasher tablets, kitchen cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, hand washes and shower gels. The multi-award winning startup is based in Newtown, mid Wales.

The shower gel bottle costs £2.40 for a 500ml bottle, while a 3 bottle refill is £6.95, equating to just 46p per 1000ml.