Monday, 06 April 2020

Afro Haircare Tips To Give you Luscious Locks

Written by Claire Martin
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As I Am

With the hair salons closed and everyone on locked in their homes, lots of ladies will be wondering how to maintain their hair. So we decided to call upon on hair specialist Claire Martin to provide some simple tips especially for all the natural Afro hair ladies so they can keep their hair moisturised and looking good all lockdown long.

This is what clair suggested using one of her favorite product 'As I Am':

1. When chilling on the sofa or on your bed, make sure the cushion or pillow is silk or satin lined with maintain your hair moisture. Why? Coarse materials absorb the hairs moisture and cause friction and hair breakage.

2. Readjust hairstyle every two days. Just because you are not going anywhere doesn’t mean your hair should be left to its own devices. Undo ponytails, massage scalp, then re-apply ponytail. This will get air to your scalp and stimulate your blood to circulate, a perfect time to apply As I Am Scalp Serum.

3. The air conditioning / heating at home can create a dry air environment which can suck out the moisture from the air, drying out your hair too. Be sure to do a moisturising deep conditioner/masque to keep your hair hydrated whilst indoors using As I Am Hydration Elation.

4. Protective styles that can be easily changed and without the use of added hair as going out isn’t an option. Juicy twists is always one of my favourites as it allows you to do so much with your hair whilst it’s in this fashion;

1. You can easily apply serum to the scalp.

2. You can easily massage the scalp.

3. You can start the wash day process.

Stay home, stay safe and stay looking beautiful!