Friday, 08 May 2020

Ways to Glow Up During Quarantine

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Ian Dooley
Is your hair damaged, nails brittle and skin worse than ever? You must be in quarantine.

As the Coronavirus is raging through the world, our only option to stay safe is to be in quarantine. Everyone has adapted to this situation, more or less, but what about our beauty routine? Many people are struggling to keep up with the skin, hair and nail care since the beauty salons temporarily closed down. You can take care of your skin, nails and hair yourself and glow up during quarantine!

1. Hair Recovery

Staying at home is an ideal time to pay attention to your hair. Your hairstyle might look cute, but those split-ends don't! Instead of reaching for the scissors, try to recover your hair. To be honest, split ends won't magically repair themselves, but your goal should be to maintain your hair as healthy as possible. Even though cutting your hair is an option, without the professional scissors and tools, you'll do more damage than good.

By using natural products such as olive oil, coconut oil and argan oil, you can help your hair recover, shine and be soft and healthy. Think of them as DIY hair masks that work 100% of the time!

2. Experiment With Hairstyles

As we have so much time on our hands, experimenting with various hairstyles can help us spend it uniquely. It's the right time to try out all those hairstyles we've saved in different folders for later but never got to them. You can try out the curls, or straighten your hair, or use a new organic hair dye. Who knows, maybe a different hair colour suits you well.

Besides that, you can use this period to add more volume to your hair. More volume makes your hair seem like it's thicker and healthier, which will make everyone wonder how you achieved such a glow-up during the quarantine.
3. Nails And Hands

Having a dry, shedding skin on your hands and messy nails with chipped nail polish are not ladylike at all. You might want to take care of that before the quarantine period is over. Taking care of your nails and hands is one of the best self-care methods. It's relaxing and practical at the same time.

Remove the old nail polish and trim your nails to keep them neat. Soak them, so you can remove cuticles easier. Take a rest period before you apply nail polish again. Don’t forget to apply softening hand cream to your hands at least twice a day to stop your skin from shedding.

4. Try Out Nail Art

Some girls simply love having their nails done. It doesn’t matter that you’re stuck at home, having cute nails is part of your personality. So, sit back comfortably after a long online meeting, and cheer yourself up by trying nail art.

How can I do it myself, I’m not an expert? DIY nail art is easy and meant to be fun! It doesn't have to be perfect. With every try, you're getting better and better at nail art, and soon you won't even need to visit a nail salon; you'll be able to do everything perfectly yourself!

5. Skincare Routine

A skincare routine should be an essential part of your day, no matter if you’re in quarantine or not. We apply various products to our skin without knowing whether they are doing us any harm. Maybe it’s time to rethink our choices. Have you ever tried organic products?

Organic skin care products of high quality are 100% cruelty-free for your health. They are hypo-allergic, meaning that they don’t cause breakouts, rashes, and redness like many other synthetic products. The best part of vegan cosmetics is that it is appropriate for every skin type. Consider switching to all-natural skincare routine for your good.

6. Moisturise Your Face

It doesn't matter what skin type you have, moisturising your face is essential if you want your glow up to happen during the quarantine. The air in our houses is usually dry, which dries out our skin. If we wash our faces with hot water on top of that, our skin will be doomed.

That’s why moisturising every night is essential. Cucumber, raw honey, rose water, and shea butter are natural moisturisers that will make your skin soft and clean. In case you need a face scrub, you can mix honey and oats for a DIY mask that does wonders to your skin.

Glow up doesn’t happen overnight. You have to continuously work on improving your skin, hair and nails to achieve the wanted results. By using natural products, you’re more likely to achieve your goals and more. By following these tips, your hair and skin will be softer, and nails stronger. So, use the quarantine as the period of your glow up.