Monday, 30 November 2020

Is Your Daily Cleansing Routine Working For You?

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Cleansing your face is probable something you already do every day, maybe even twice a day but are you doing it well enough to really care for your skin and see positive results? 

We all know it can be a consuming activity when done thoroughly and often it is so much easier to grab a cleansing wipe and swish it over your face first thing in the morning when you are rushing to get ready for work, or before bed when all you want to do is sleep!

Read on – you may be surprised to find out how essential a good cleansing programme is for your skin, and how simple it can be to improve your current routine with a few simple steps, which will have a big impact on your skin.

Fashions Finest have been learning about how important having a thorough and rigorous cleansing routine is for healthy and youthful looking skin. It may take time to begin to put a proper regime in place, but once you have worked out a daily plan, and spent a few days auctioning it, it will soon become a good habit, and will help you to look great, with glowing healthy skin, and feel great about yourself too.

Thoroughly cleansing is an essential step in any good skincare routine; without it, bacteria, pollution and dirt that build up on our skin can stick and contribute to breakouts and prematurely ageing skin.

Cleansing the face helps to remove all of the dirt, dry skin and dead skin cells from your face. Toning opens the pores of the skin, removing any remaining bits of oil, dirt and debris left behind by the cleanser. More importantly, toner will help soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin while restoring its delicate pH balance. The last thing to do is to replace the moisture back into your skin with a good moisturiser. A well moisturized skin is soft, smooth, radiant and prevents skin aging.

All the experts maintain that having a full daily cleansing, toning and skin moisturizing routine aids in restoring the skin hydration while enhancing its texture, making your skin look brighter, with less dry patches - However, finding the right cleanser isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ as people have different skin types with different needs.

Fashions Finest loves Bioderma’s cleansing products and we think they are a fantastic choice for your cleansing routine. Their products are targeted to different skin concerns, for any cleansing roundups or features you’re working on around sensitive, acne prone/oily or hyper pigmented skin. Choose the best products for your skin and prepare to see healthy glowing and smooth skin every time you look into the mirror. We have made some suggestions to get you started on the right track with your new and improved cleansing routine, with some of the products we love.

The Sensibio H2O from Bioderma is a cult cleanser, with 1 sold every 2 minutes globally. It undergoes 9 stages of purification within the manufacturing stage and has a pH of 5.5, to mimic that of the skin. It removes 99% of makeup, 98% of fine particles and eliminates 78% of heavymetals.

The Sensibio Foaming Gel is a soothing micellar cleansing gel that removes makeup and impurities whilst reinforcing the skin’s natural hydration by up to 70%. The patented DAFTM complex reinforces the tolerance threshold, making the product ideal for sensitive skin.

Other products from Bioderma include the Sebium H2O & Foaming Gel – for combination-oily/acne-prone skin which contain zinc sulphate and copper sulphate agents that purify the skin, whilst the Fluidactiv™ sebo-correcting complex regulates sebum quality and reduces blemishes. It is a soap-free formula that contains Lactic Acid to encourage the renewal of the skin’s cells and increases firmness.

The Pigmentbio H2O and Pigmentbio Foaming Cream both contain andrographolide and azelaic acid, to reduce melanin production that causes hyperpigmentation. It can be used to double cleanse or can be left on as a mask for a more intense result. With AHA and cellulose acetate microbeads, the Foaming Cream gently exfoliates and renews skin cells for a smooth and glowing finish, whilst coco glucoside and glyceryl oleate improve hydration.

Prepare to look younger and fresher than you ever have done before by just improving your daily cleansing routine, with Biodermia products available from Look Fantastic now, with up to 50% off certain products for a limited time.