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 Friday, 04 December 2020

The Miracle We All Need This Season

Written by Sparkle PR
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Our skin has taken a beating in 2020, with washing our hands so much more often, using hand gel, cracking up the central heating, being indoors more, and wearing face coverings all having an adverse effect on our complexion and skin health.

Step forward SOS Serum, the brainchild of respected Scientist and Chemist Bruce Green, a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. The calming formula is perfect for those with Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis or those that struggle with wind burns, dry or reactive prone skin. Just what we need as we go into 2021.

Bruce Green developed SOS Serum Skincare on the back of his extensive formulation knowledge and the common issue that kept recurring: sensitivity skin issues. The first super product SOS Serum was such a success; it inspired him to add other products to the range. Made in the UK and suitable for the whole family, the range uses simplified formulas and minimal naturally pure ingredients. SOS Serum has become an overnight sensation.

Formulated to cool, heal and repair problem skin, the soothing SOS Serum contains anti-inflammatory Wasabi and calming Burdock Leaf Extracts and the refined extract of cooling Peppermint and Lauromacrogols which acts as an anaesthetic to soothe the skin. Together they deliver comfort, moisturisation and protection, with rapid relief from a wide range of skin concerns.
SOS Serum promises to moisturise and soothe all kinds of dry, sensitive, uncomfortable and problem skin, reduce itching caused by eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis and even support the withdrawal of steroid creams. Use it to treat & soothe cuts, bites, plant & insect stings and minor burns, soothe and hydrate wind chapped or sun damaged skin and quickly and effectively allows you to manage allergic flare-ups.

Suitable for all ages, even babies, this wonder cream needs to be in everyone’s medicine cabinet. With it’s vegan, cruelty-free formula, without Parabens, SLS, Colours & Fragrances, it is a fabulous addition to everyone’s arsenal for getting through life with great skin.

The SOS serum costs only £15 and is available now from

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