Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Perfect Looks That Celebrity Makeup Artist Swear By

Written by Carrie Davis
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Gabb Tapic from Pexels

With all those YouTube tutorials and tips on the internet, it is now much easier to master applying makeup. However, it is not enough to just invest in expensive products.

Being a makeup lover, you probably know that there are some rules for achieving best results. Here are some tips that you probably didn't know to step up your makeup game.

Prepare Your Skin Well
If you want the best results, half of your makeup routine has to be dedicated to skincare. Apply your makeup on a clean, moisturised face. The first step is cleansing with a facial cleanser or a face wash. This will remove all the accumulated dead skin cells. After that, moisturise your skin with your favorite skin products. Wait a little bit for the moisturiser to settle, then start applying your makeup.

Do Eye Makeup First
Professional makeup artists do eye makeup first. When you think about it, it really makes sense. If you apply foundation before doing your eye makeup, and use dark eyeshadow, it can fall on your cheeks and under your eyes and ruin the foundation. If you try to remove it, everything can get smudged and become messy.

Brush Your Brows
Use a clean mascara to brush them up, then fill in your brows with a pencil or even an eye shadow. Brows are the most important feature of the face and it takes a lot of practice to get them on point. Consider professional microblading eyebrows if you are not very skillful at doing them perfectly. They can contribute to the makeup look more than you think.

Make Your Eyes Bigger
Everybody wants bigger eyes, and there is a way to make them look more open. Use a white pencil on your waterline. You can also opt for a nude shade, but under no circumstances should you use black. Black pencil on your lower lid will close your eyes and make them look smaller.

Eyelash Curler Is A Must
Long lashes are an evergreen trend. Many people are annoyed with long but straight lashes. Sometimes, even mascara can’t lift them up and that is where eyelash curler steps in. For better results, it is a good idea to heat it a little bit with a hairdryer. Be careful not to overheat it, because you can get burned and ruin your lashes.

Highlighter Before Foundation
You probably already have an established makeup routine and you know in which order you apply your products. A tip from professional makeup artists that may surprise you says that the highlighter should go before the foundation. The result is a more natural glow that stays longer.

Triangular Concealer
If you struggle with dark circles, concealer is probably your best friend. The trick that makeup artists do is to draw a triangle with a concealer. Then they blend it with a sponge or even with their fingers. This hack will brighten up your face and draw attention to your eyes.

Learn How To Contour
There are different face shapes and each of them requires different contouring. It is important to determine which way of contouring suits your face shape. If you have a round face you will naturally want to make it look a little bit longer. Contouring is important because it can accentuate your cheekbones or beautiful lips, and hide your flaws. Pay attention not to go too far with it, because it can look fake.

Use Your Fingers
Professional makeup brushes give the best results, but if you can't afford them, your fingers will do just fine. Even some prominent makeup professionals use their fingers instead of brushes, for better precision. They are the best way to apply foundation, blend concealer and even an eye shadow.

Don't Buy Cheap Makeup
It is better to have one quality lipstick in your favourite shade, than buying ten cheap ones that get smudged or disappear as soon as you take one sip of your drink. Quality makeup is a good investment that definitely pays off.

Not much talent is required to learn how to apply makeup properly. Good quality makeup and the internet tips and tricks are sometimes enough for great results.