Thursday, 28 January 2021

The UK's Bestselling Vegan Sugar Wax

Written by Sparkle PR
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Being stuck in the middle of Lockdown once again, we are all back to at-home beauty routines – including DIY hair removal.

Winter and this latest lockdown is the perfect time to practice, and boss the ancient art of sugar waxing. Regular waxing ultimately leads to a decrease in hair growth time, meaning that if you start now, by summer you won’t have that much hair to worry about any more.

Sugar Coated is a hair removal wax, made from pure sugar syrup and water. The formula is completely biodegradable and water-soluble - meaning spills are easy to clean off any material. As well as this each hair removal kit comes with washable and reusable strips and applicators.

Sugar Coated is the brainchild of natural beauty expert and beauty therapist Rosie Khandwala, influenced by her upbringing in Tanzania. When she moved to the UK in 1987, she was amazed that sugar waxing didn’t exist so worked to create her own, and still manufactures it with her family in Northamptonshire. They also work as a company to donate their sugar syrup to local beekeepers, as this acts as a food source for bees during the leaner, colder months.

Sugar Coated sugar wax is cruelty-free, vegan, biodegradable, and water-soluble, making it the face of ethical hair removal. It has quickly become the perfect alternative to hair removal, with one of their kits currently being sold every 30 minutes! It’s 100% natural sugar wax formula is ultra-effective, gentler on skin, and has recently launched online at Next, as well as from Feel Unique and Sugar Coated Hair Removal stores.

With a wide range of hair removal kits for you to choose from– ranging all the way from the full body hair removal kit priced at only £12.99, through to the bikini hair removal kit, with added Calendula Essential Oil to help soothe and calm sensitive skin areas - priced at only £9.99, there is plenty of sugar available for everyone!

Add Sugar Coated, the best-selling sugar wax, to your lockdown 3.0 beauty regime today.