Tuesday, 06 April 2021

The nail trends that you need to know about for 2021

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Maria Lupan

With the recent announcement confirming that nail technicians are allowed to offer their services again, many of us simply cannot wait to get our nails done and looking fantastic. 

Not only is this incredibly exciting, but it also means that the time has come to think about what you want your nails to look like. Whilst there will be those who are happy enough to go back to a style that they are used to and that they have had time and time before. There are also plenty of people who think that a post lockdown world is their chance to mix things up in their sense of style. 

Need some style inspiration for your nails? Here are the top nail trends that you need to know about for 2021. 

Holographic Nails

It is incredible what can be done now with your nails. One of our favourite trends has to be holographic nails. These nails can be created by adding a special pigment to either bare nails, natural coloured nails or even brightly coloured nails. It will add a shine, and when finished off with a clear sealing gel, it will catch the light perfectly. 

Nude Nails 

Many of us have just left our nails alone and let them have a more natural feel. Whilst this isn't the ideal style for some, they may feel like letting their nude nail approach continue. If you want to have some detail still whilst keeping your nails as natural as possible, then minimal white details can be added, just to one or two nails. 

Zigzag Nails

There are lots of prints and patterns that are coming up in 2021 nail trends. However, one that we can't wait to try out is zigzag nails. The good news is that if you are not visiting a nail artist anytime soon, then this particular style is easy enough to do yourself, with two shades of nail polish and some sticky tape. 

Animal Print

Another print theme that is really on-trend at the moment is animal print. We know that the classic leopard or cheetah print might not be everyone's cup of tea. But, if you are a fan of a bit of wild print, then this is going to be the year for you! 

Geometric Shapes

If you like your prints a little less wild and a little more organised, then geometric shapes might be a good option for you. Geometric shapes come in all types, and can they work well on just one nail or across each one of your nails. 

Colour Block Manicure

When you think of a French manicure, you will think of more muted and natural colours; however, this is not the only approach you can take. Another option for a French manicure is a colour block manicure. This is where you choose one shade for your nail and another shade for your tip. Not only is this somewhat more exciting than a standard French manicure, but there are a whole host of combinations that you can try. 

These are just some of the nail trends that you can try in 2021. Think about which ones work best for you, or try to come up with your own direction instead!