Friday, 09 April 2021

Black Owned Hair And Beauty Brands You Should Know About

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Tim Mossholder

When was the last time you saw black owned brands on your TV or in the main stream media?

And we are NOT talking about brands for black skin tones owned by white lead organisations. We are talking about a diverse range of black owned brands for black and brown skin tones.

In such a diverse world you would expect by now to see a representation of successful black owned organisations providing products to their own community. Yet still in 2021 the hair and beauty industry is still way behind when it comes to catering for the needs of men and women of colour and for them finding products that cater to their specific needs and offer racial diversity is often not an easy task.

Nevertheless, black entrepreneurs are investing time and money into business to bring to the market natural hair products, skin care and make-up specifically for men and women of colour. These micro and small businesses deserve to be recognised, and supported, especially at this difficult time when many are closing due to lack of sponsorship, lack of access to grants and zero financial support from the government during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Fashions Finest has always supported start-ups and small businesses bringing them to the attention of customers who are looking for something new and exciting and that caters for their specific ethnicity.  We believe that it is high time these amazing businesses, many of whom are running from homes around the country, get their time in the spotlight.

Here is a list of up-and-coming black owned skin, hair and beauty businesses that we have discovered, and love. All of them are working towards ethical and sustainable hair, beauty and skin care products, taking care of the environment and working to provide natural products to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

Join us now and let’s STOP talking about ‘DIVERSITY’ and ‘INCLUSION’ and SUPPORTINGBLACK OWNED’ and let’s make 2021 different by DOING IT!

Hair Care

Everyone’s hair is different, and we all need to use different tools, shampoos, creams and oils to care for our hair properly, and keep it looking and feeling healthy. What is right for one person may not be right for another, and that goes for both men and women. Here is a list of companies offering a wide range of different products and tools to meet your individual hair care needs.

SHOP these small business hair care products:

By Natures Beauty (Palm Oil Free Hair Care)

Back to my Roots (Hair And Beauty Products)

Nakyd LDN (Hair And Skin Care, and Men’s grooming Products)

Saka Luxe Beauty (Hair Care and Skincare)

Creative Alia (Hair Styling And Other Products)

Zarina O Cosmetics (Hair And Beard Care)

Ngozis Naturals (Hair And Skincare)

Nomadic Hair Oils (Hair Care)

The Spring (Hair Care, Skin Care And Wellbeing Products)

Skin Care:

The term ‘melanin rich skin’ covers a wide range of skin tones from many different ethnic backgrounds, and depending on the amount of melanin there is in your skin, depends on the type of issues you may face with factors such as hyperpigmentation, dark areas of skin, uneven skin tone, resilience to environmental stressors and pollutants, as well as sun exposure. There are specific skin care creams, emollients and serums you can choose to enrich and protect your skin, and some of these small and black owned businesses will have just the products your skin needs.

SHOP these amazing skincare brands below:

Belle Regime (Natural Soaps, Shower and Bath)

Raw Fusions (Skin Care)

Sis Root Shea (Shea Butter Skin And Hair Care Products)

Girlush (Natural Skincare)

Kitchen Cosmetics (Natural And Vegan Skin And Hair Care)

Beauty Products:

From beauty treatments and cosmetics, to lashes and hair extensions, these businesses have products to help you continue to look and feel great in your own skin. All of them are small, black owned businesses and based in the UK.

SHOP these small business beauty products:

Wright Kind Of Beauty (Beauty Treatments And Products)

Empress Beautique (Beauty, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products)

House of Bose Beauty (Wigs, Extensions And Lashes)

Sumru (Hair Extensions)

All the best to all these black owned businesses from us at Fashions Finest. Please feel free to list your businesses here in our DIRECTORY