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 Wednesday, 26 May 2021

CB.Do: Do.More.Daily with eco-friendly CBD tablets

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CBD can be found everywhere, from healthcare to body care products, but CB.Do - premium CBD-infused tables - is a bit different.

CB.Do stands out for creativity and innovation. These CBD-infused multifunctional tablets are made in the UK with advanced technology to make CBD oil easy to include in your routine to 'Do.More.Daily'.

What Is CBD Exactly? Is It Safe?

Alongside its popularity, CBD might raise some doubts due to its origin and its link with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. CBD and THC sound quite similar, hence what is the difference? Cannabidiol, shorten in CBD, is one of the many compounds extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD keeps many good properties of THC without the 'high' and altered sensation of drugs.
CBD has many proved positive effects on the body, mind and skin. CBD oils and related products are used to soothe physical pain, relieve mental stress, anxiety, and depression. CBD may help reduce symptoms of cancer or its post-treatment effects, as well as contribute to a healthy heart. CBD is also in skincare for acne-prone skin, balms and rubs for muscular and joint pain. CBD oil can be found in many forms and assumed in different ways but CB.Do is easier and faster.

CB.Do: The Innovation Made In The UK

CB.Do is creative in its package and shape but it is also vegan and eco-friendly, high-quality and 100% free from THC. CB.Do has been developed and produced in the UK with premium CBD oil. A cutting-edge, c02-based technology extracts CBD oil from hemp plants. The oil is pulverised and shrank in its molecular size by 100x; transformed into a stable water-soluble powder. In this way, CBD oil is easily absorbed and acts faster. As the last step, the fine powder is compressed into CB.Do signature hexagonal tablets. CB.Do offers four unique formulas to target different lifestyle needs:
.Protect with a blend of natural antioxidants (Vit C, turmeric, black pepper, ginger);
.Energise to increase your stamina level and reduce tiredness (maca root, caffeine, cordyceps, Vit B/C/D);
.Boost to strengthen and defend your brain function and memory (acai berry, ginseng, Vit B/D/K);
.Rest to balance your mood, help relaxation and sleep (magnesium, theanine, lemon balm, chamomile).
CB.Do comes in refillable and reusable tin boxes making these CBD supplements nicer and greener.

Deborah St. Louis (Fashions Finest's Director) says: 'My Infused CBD arrived in a lovely, cute little tin with abstract graphics in pinks, purples and blacks. The tablets were a pinky hexagon shape with an unusual smell. Taste-wise they were very neutral and very easy to pop. It's early days but I'm hoping to notice the difference soon and be able to 'DO.MORE.DAILY'.'

£1 from every CB.Do purchase will be donated to
Find CB.Do on Instagram and Facebook. Website launching on 1st June at

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