Thursday, 10 June 2021

Rethink your haircare routine with Arbonne

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Your haircare routine can be more sustainable both inside and outside the bottle. This is Arbonne's novelty: a newly launched haircare range reimagined to be completely green: TrueSmooth.

Arbonne invites you to 'rethink your routine', to be good to your hair and the environment with its newest TrueSmooth, its fully sustainable haircare range.

The Innovation Starts By Rethinking The Package...

Packaging is a considerable source of wastage in the beauty industry with too many different components made of different materials that are hard to separate and recycle. As a Certified B Corporation, Arbonne is committed to reducing waste and utilising renewable packaging materials. For the TrueSmoothrange, recyclable aluminium bottles and recyclable pumps are used as more sustainable options. Not only can aluminium be recycled infinitely, but it is also a natural element that will degrade without polluting the environment. Plus, the cutting-edge sustainable pump innovation features only one material for all hair care pumps, being fully recyclable in typical roadside recycling programmes worldwide.

The BRAND NEW Arbonne TrueSmooth haircare range was created with authentically healthy-looking hair in mind. The unique regime was formulated to hydrate, smooth and give shine to hair while prepping for styling and enhancing heat protection. Featuring the best of science and nature, the all-purpose, everyday hair care regime nurtures hair; helping to repair damaged, dehydrated locks while delivering vibrance, smoothness and enhanced shine!

The TrueSmooth Collection gives hair everything it needs to look and feel healthy without the use of concerning ingredients like sulphates, silicones and parabens which can strip hair of its natural oils, dry out the scalp and contribute to buildups. With a refreshing, naturally derived scent that creates a spa-like experience in the shower, the new range is perfect for daily use on all hair types (including colour treated) and for people of all ages!

Meet The Products

Apple Vinegar Hair Rinse, 'the clean hair hero'

Powered by plant-based ingredients, the gentle yet effective pre-wash helps remove build-up to help prep hair and prevent moisture loss. (£20.00)

Key ingredient: apple vinegar helps to gently cleanse oils from the scalp while also helping seal hair cuticles for less wet breakage and smoother, more manageable, shiny hair that is ready to comb through and style. The product has a very mild, refreshing scent, even though its key ingredient is notoriously strong Apple Vinegar.

Rich Lather Shampoo

A fast-foaming shampoo which provides a deep but gentle cleanse, removing build-up for more luminous, healthier-looking hair. The shampoo uses gentle surfactants to cleanse without stripping essential moisture, hydrating the strands to bond and smooth hair fibres, helping to enhance resilience while smoothing hair cuticles and helping hair appear glossy and vibrant. (£28.00)

Key ingredients: provitamin B5 hydrates to bond and smooth hair fibres, helping to enhance resilience. Sustainably sourced baobab helps repair damage by nourishing hair from root to tip with essential moisture

Hydrating Conditioner

A rich conditioner which nurtures hair by replenishing critical moisture, nourish locks from root to tip, eliminating tangles and enhancing heat protection. The conditioner works to reduce frizz and smooth hair for easier combing, leaving behind a weightless, enhanced shine. (£28.00)

Key ingredients: hemisqualane enhances heat protection while providing lubricity, reducing frizz and smoothing hair. Pea protein deeply moisturises hair to help reduce breakage or brittleness with every use.

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