Tuesday, 15 June 2021

6 Essential Tips for Taking Care of Natural Curly Hair

Written by Jessica Fernsby
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Caju Gomes, Unsplash

Establishing a proper hair care routine requires a comprehensive approach, considering your hair type’s needs and common problems. This means you should not only choose the right hair care products but also acquire some healthy habits when it comes to washing, combing, and styling your hair.

When taking care of naturally curly hair, it is essential to consider its two main characteristics - the lack of moisture and the tendency to dry out.

In this article, you will find six tips to incorporate into your hair care routine, ranging from pre-shampoo treatment, using a wide-tooth comb, and establishing a curly hair sleep routine to choosing the suitable oils and hair care products and properly blow-drying it, among other things. Read on!

Get the Right Hairstyle

Getting the right hairstyle is essential in hair care. If your curly hair is thick and voluminous, opt for a hairstyle that shows off its volume. On the other hand, if your curls are thin and wavy, you should go for a hairstyle that will make them look thicker - this means sleek, messy, or side-parted hairstyle.

Also, make sure that you or your hairstylist uses the right tools. For example, thinning shears are essential, as they will transform your wavy, thick, heavy hair and make it light, bouncy, and curly. If you want to try it at home, learn about ergonomic scissors and consider using them.

Pre-Shampoo Treatment

If you have dry curly or wavy hair, it is advisable not to start with shampooing it right away. That is so because shampoo can strip your hair of its moisture, making it dryer or even damaging it. To avoid that, use a pre-poo method.

Before shampooing your hair, apply a treatment (a special pre-poo product) on your dry hair - it will coat your stands, protect them from damage, and lock in moisture. Once you have applied the product, remember to detangle your hair so that every strand gets coated.

Choose The Right Hair Products

Your hair care routine should start with choosing the right products for your type of hair, so you can optimize its effects. This means that if you have curly hair, you should find a suitable shampoo and conditioner for it. Similarly, if you have wavy hair, you need to use specific products for it, i.e., those that are specifically designed for wavy hair.

But why should you avoid using shampoo and conditioner for straight hair? While these products might clean and condition your curly hair well, they also contain ingredients that are not suitable for your type of hair. For example, there are sulfates in shampoo and conditioner for straight hair, which can cause buildup on curly hair, weighing it down and straightening it.

Wide-Tooth Comb

Using a fine-toothed comb for long hair can damage your curls and lead to split ends. Whether you have curly or wavy hair, using a wide-tooth comb is a great idea when brushing at home. You can also use it while blow-drying your hair too, but try not to press it against your head - this could cause breakage in curly hair.

Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

Regardless of the type of your hair, washing hair too often can cause much damage. However, this is especially true for curly and wavy hair, which tends to dry out easily. Try washing your hair no more than once a week and consider applying a leave-in conditioner after every wash. The latter will help lock in the moisture in your hair without weighing it down or making it look greasy.

You can also try using a shampoo with fewer sulfates in order to give your hair some time to recover between washes. These products are usually labeled as 'moisturising' or 'hydrating' and usually contain some oil extracts or silicone (like dimethicone).

Using Oils On Curly Hair

Curly and wavy hairstyles require the use of oils in order to prevent frizziness and enhance the shine of the curls. The trick is to choose the right oils - i.e., those that will not weigh down your curls or make them look greasy.

We recommend using a few different oils for different purposes: one for frizz control and one for shine enhancement (such as coconut oil), as well as another one for conditioning (such as almond oil). However, it is important to keep in mind that certain oils do not mix well with others - for example, olive oil, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil.


While curly hair is gorgeous and unique, it requires more work and effort in order to maintain it. The good news is that the mentioned six tips are easy to incorporate into your hair care routine. Get the right hairstyle, choose the right hair products and brushes, use pre-shampoo treatment and wash your hair less frequently - these are just a few simple yet very effective tricks.

However, make sure to stick to them, and if something does not work for you, look for other ways to make your curly hair look fabulous. Remember that everyone is different, and your hair may need different care than someone else’s.