Wednesday, 07 July 2021

Welcome, Ebony! Dionne Smith's revolutionary Afro hair training doll head

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Award-winning celebrity hairstylist Dionne Smith introduces a magic trick for all hairdressers: the Ebony Braiding Doll. The beautiful Ebony is a new way to learn how to cut and style Afro-textured hair thanks to her soft type 4 coils.

There is something revolutionary in the air. Ebony by Dionne Smith's Signature collection is the first-ever braiding and training doll head created to provide hairdressers with the right tool to learn and rock styling Afro-textured hair.

The Ebony Braiding Doll from Signature by Dionne Smith shakes the industry and gives a proper tool to hairdressers and new learners. The problem targeted by celebrity hairstylist Dionne Smith was the current lack of realistic training dolls with Afro-textured hair narrowing the skills and potential of UK hairdressers.

Ebony allows enhancing one's professional skills with her luscious coils and natural-looking hair that mimics the feel and consistency of 4A coiled hair. It has been created as the ideal learning prop to enhance braiding skills with fun.

Celebrity stylist Dionne Smith and founder of Signature comments: 'We're targeting people that have never dealt with textured hair, touched it, felt it. People are scared of it. What we're offering is the fundamentals, like what is natural hair? What are the different types? Textured hair comes in so many different types and curl patterns so how do you understand what type of hair you're dealing with?'

The Ebony Braiding Doll (£150) has a realistic look; she can be dressed up and her ears can be pierced. More importantly, Ebony's hair gives the exact natural feel that kinky and coiled hair has. Her hair is long 16 inches when stretched and can be parted in any direction. It can be washed, dyed and heat-treated, although these processes will change the texture of the hair.

Ebony by Dionne Smith arrives at a particular time when the love for natural hair textures has never been stronger. Accepting one's natural hair is freedom and Ebony joins this love for naturalness and authenticity.

Meet Ebony Doll by Dionne Smith online at Signature by Dionne Smith.