Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Treat your stretch marks naturally

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The Natural Birthing Company

For a long time, stretch marks were something to be ashamed of. The 'natural beauty' wave thought us to accept them and see those lines as part of life. Treating them to restore the skin is still a good practice, we can try naturally.

Stretch marks are natural and more common than we can think. We can love them but also prevent them or reduce their appearance. A natural oil like The Natural Birthing Company Nourish & Relieve Massage and Stretch Mark Oil treat them naturally.

There has been a time when stretch marks had a terrible reputation and were causing much embarrassment and stress. The socials have recently seen a huge movement toward a body-positive approach to accept our bodies and embrace these signs as something completely natural and harmless. They are part of life and tell the story of our bodies...

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks occur after periods of growth such as pregnancy and weight changes. When the skin stretches, this causes the collagen and elastin, which support our skin, to rupture. This weakened support can then cause a tear to the top layer of your skin, which will initially cause the reddish or purple lines – these are the two blood vessels showing through the thinner top layer of your skin. Over time these reddish, purple marks slowly calm and change in tone as healing occurs beneath the surface.

How To Manage Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks can be prevented and, once occurred, their appearance can be lessened. There are several options but the gentlest, most natural and budget-friendly solution is massaging the skin with a stretch mark oil. If you start to notice stretch marks appear or anticipate them happening (i.e. with pregnancy), start using an oil every day to prevent them from occurring. If you want to reduce the appearance of ones you already have, use body oil regularly to help them heal.

The Natural Birthing Company suggests its Nourish & Relieve Massage and Stretch Mark Oil (£10.99). It is formulated with a natural blend of oils and butter to soothe and hydrate skin, locking in the moisture and helping to maintain its elasticity. Its key ingredients are real staples in natural skincare. In this stretch mark oil we can find:

  • Olive Oil, known for its ability to provide intense moisturise and soften the skin. It is also a key ingredient in preventing skin damage.
  • Glasswort Extract locks in stock moisture, keeping your skin supple and hydrated. It also improves the skin's elasticity and firmness, helping to prevent stretch marks.
  • Shea Butter helps to maintain skin elasticity. Shea Butter deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin, and it also plays a factor in evening out skin tone which is particularly beneficial for melasma.
  • Wheatgerm Oil helps to fade scarring and stretch marks and supports cellular regeneration.

Stretch marks are a spontaneous sign of our body's natural changes, treating them can be equally natural. The Natural Birthing Company and Nature show us how.