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Pro tips to bikini waxing by Sugar Coated experts

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The 'Martini', the 'Brazilian', the 'Classic'... No, these are not the names of some fancy Summer cocktails but three popular bikini waxing styles. Waxing the bikini area can be quite challenging at first, but everyone can master it at home with pro tips, practice and the right product like Sugar Coated Bikini Hair Removal Kit.

Bikini waxing is a delicate topic and must be treated with an equally soft touch. Rosie Khandawala, founder of Sugar Coated, is our waxing expert. Today, she has a guide and her expert tips for gentle but effective bikini waxing at home.

Many of us tried at-home treatments when the salons were shut down across the country. We saw or experienced self attempts at haircuts, hair colouring and facials with mixed fortune. Waxing at home is not a new trend but bikini waxing is something we would rather ask an expert. The good news is that waxing the bikini area can be achieved at home and made less painful.

Rosie's Waxing Pro Tips

We trust our aestheticians, so we can definitely trust an expert in waxing products. With Rosie's tips we can feel more confident when facing the bikini area:

  • If you are switching from shaving to waxing, make sure the hairs are of at least 4-6 weeks growth to get effective results. 
  • Do not attempt this area until you have mastered the technique on other areas of your body. 
  • Choose a product that you are already familiar with and have used before. 
  • Make sure it has been recommended for the bikini area and do a small patch test around the thigh area.
  • Make sure the hairs are of a length that will grip well to the product. (Short stubble or just shaved will not get good results, while long hairs can be trimmed.) 
  • Have a mirror when applying this area. 
  • Position is crucial to keep the skin taut in this area. Place the leg on a chair, so the leg is at a right angle and opening the thigh area will help with the application. 
  • Apply the product thinly and in small patches and leave enough material on the wax strip to pull the strip with a quick action making sure that the other hand is holding the skin taut.
  • Pull the strip with a quick flick action that is parallel to the skin, rather than pulling the strip off upwards. (This will pull hair from the roots, rather than tugging on the skin.)
  • Press down the area with your hand after pulling the strip to minimise the discomfort. 

How To Make Bikini Waxing Less Painful

Rosie Khandawala says: 'Positioning yourself in the way suggested whilst doing the treatment will cause less pain, as you'll be able to hold the skin taut and be in a good angle to remove the strip easily. Sugar wax has proved to be a less painful treatment than wax because the formula is thinner and just takes out the hair rather than tugging on the skin - which is usually the main cause of pain. With Sugar Coated sugar wax you can wash the wax off with water and a flannel, so if it's placed somewhere it shouldn't be there's no additional pain of having to wax somewhere you didn't want to. A cold compress on the skin after waxing will help to cool and calm the skin.' 

Choose The Right Product

The bikini area is more sensitive than arms and legs; hence, it needs specific products. Sugar Coated has the right item for it: Sugar Coated Bikini Hair Removal Kit. Sugar Coated is a range of 100% natural and vegan waxing products made with pure sugar syrup and water. This formula is extremely delicate with the skin - without citric acid, resins or preservatives - but stubborn against body hair. The sugary wax will bond the hair, not the skin, resulting in smooth results. The sugar-based wax is naturally kind to the skin, the added calendula essential oil contained in Sugar Coated Bikini Hair Removal Kit (£10) makes the bikini waxing experience at home virtually pain-free.

You can give bikini waxing a try with the soothing Sugar Coated Bikini Hair Removal Kit, available at Next and Feel Unique.