Tuesday, 21 September 2021

The beauty regime booster: LQ Collagen powders

Written by Chloe Adams
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LQ Collagen

The season is changing and many of us are now looking at ways to boost our beauty regime. The easy way is to include collagen into our daily regime, the easiest one is with collagen powder like best-selling LQ Collagen Powders.

Collagen is the must-have ingredient for 2021 recommended by top celebrity facialists and hairstylists. It is relatively easy to include in our diet, and LQ Collagen has new delicious flavours to make our beauty drinks tastier.

Collagen is a building block of our bodies and it is said to improve skin, hair and nails. Ingestible collagen is bio-identical, meaning our bodies recognise it as its own. In fact, more than a third of the body's protein is collagen so it is no wonder ingesting it is said to help to improve skin elasticity and signs of ageing. This essential protein also helps with hair loss, growth and strength, and nail health. Research shows that everyone can benefit from daily collagen and during the lockdown google queries for collagen were up 200% as consumers were and are still turning to collagen formulations and drinkable skincare, a still popular beauty trend, to support their bodies.

But When Should We Start Taking Collagen?

From the age of 25, our bodies start to produce less collagen, and by the age of 40, the levels in the body are greatly reduced. So an ideal time to start taking a collagen supplement is in our 20s and it is recommended daily to support our body as we age.

About The Product

LQ Collagen, the company behind the bestselling LQ Skin Hair and Nails range, have recognised this and have launched 2 new high-strength collagen ranges in delicious new flavours to the market.

Available in new Coconut Lime, Mango Passion Fruit and Vanilla flavours, these new powders are the best on the market in terms of efficacy and quality. The new LQ Collagen Powders (£32) contain 10.000 mg of hydrolysed marine collagen per daily serving. Each tub contains 20 servings in total. With great tasting, natural flavours, LQ Collagen Powders are easy to mix with water or a perfect boost to our morning smoothie. The powders are sweetened with stevia and offer an easy dissolvable, low-calorie option for those wanting to add collagen to their daily routine.

The LQ Collagen Powders (£25) are available in the new Unflavoured (no Stevia), Chocolate and Vanilla flavours. Each tub contains 10.000 mg of bovine-origin collagen per daily serving for a total of 20 servings. Same delicious and natural flavours, these powders are easy to mix in drinks, simply with water or blended in healthy smoothies. This range is sweetened with stevia, apart from the Unflavoured version.

Recharging our beauty from the inside out is very easy and tasty with collagen powders, a sip a day.

Find more about LQ Collagen and its beauty and health range online.