Thursday, 06 January 2022

Wildlife Body, The Good Scrubs

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Wildlife Body

Ready to meet the one product that changes your skin in a swift? The scrub is your body's BFF but make sure it is kind to your skin and the environment. Wildlife scrubs are.

Wildlife has a 1-step product that revitalises your skin under the shower so that you are ready to glow only thanks to natural ingredients, nothing else.

Cleanse, revive or wake up your skin with Wildlife and its collection of environmental-friendly body scrubs. In the jungle of bath staples, there is an eco and socially-committed alternative.

About The Brand

Like you, Victoria Watkins wanted to transform her everyday routine with greener products. A couple of years ago, she understood the power in her hands and put her hands at work. Her new position in the beauty industry meant the ability to trigger a change and move people to good causes. For Victoria, it was not just a matter of natural ingredients - what you find inside a product - but everything around a beauty product: packaging, suppliers and the community. Wildlife Body takes into accounts all of these essential components.

Wildlife scrubs come in fully recyclable packagings with bio-degradable labels printed with vegan ink. Taking care of the community is as important as caring for the environment, so Victoria and her team actively support charities and local organisations committed to inclusivity and social empowerment. Wildlife calls it the 'Feel Great Principle'.

About The Products And Sustainability

Wildlife scrubs are made in the UK, 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. The organic oils in this collection are certified organic by the Soil Association, while the grounded coffee making WAKE so energising is only Rain Forest Alliance certified. When you scoop out some scrub, you can be reassured what you enjoy does not come at the expense of the ecosystem.

We loved Wildlife inside and outside and invite you to discover the power of a scrub online.