Thursday, 03 March 2022

Natural Vegan skincare products by Kiyomila Cosmetics

Written by Charlize Famuyiwa-Kennedy
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Kiyomila Cosmetics

Kiyomila Cosmetics is a black owned botanical skincare and wellness brand which specialises in creating an array of natural, healthy, vegan products for individuals dealing with eczema, acne and hyperpigmentation.

Charlize Famuyiwa-Kennedy, has used her passion for skincare to innovate and create space for products that benefit all skin types.


Kiyomila Cosmetics consists of body butters, body scrubs, body glazes, lip glosses that come in in 9 different scents and you can even treat yourself or a loved one to a body care bundle that comprising of 3 essential products from the range. Their best sellers are the whipped sea butter, coco butter cashmere body butter, coco butter cashmere body glaze, pumpkin spice and coco butter cashmere sugar scrub.

Words From The Founder

'I was inspired to start a skincare brand as I have always struggled with skin problems ever since I was a child. It started with eczema on my eyes and scalp due to dairy products which I then had to stop. During my teenage years, I also suffered with really bad hyperpigmentation, particularly under my eyes which people would regularly comment on. I also struggled with acne on my face and back. I then found a skincare company whilst I was in university who recommended a routine for me, and it worked for my acne however my eczema was still a problem. I had used various creams which were only working temporarily, my eczema would keep coming back. Once my favourite skincare company announced they were going to be closing I knew I had to take matters into my own hands, so I began playing around with the Shea Butter my mum had given me from Ghana and that is where my interest in skincare formulation began'. - Charlize

Kiyomila Cosmetics pride themselves in being able to provide luxury vegan products for all skintypes, that just needs a bit of love!

Buy small, buy sustainably, buy Kiyomila Cosmetics.