Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Fast Five A-List Hair Hacks in 5-Minutes

Written by Hayley Peters
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Ready to go runway hairstyles don’t get better than this. Move over TikTok, we have an A-list Hair stylist to teach us five fast hacks. Let’s get into it.

We caught up with Jason Collier. Jason is specifically an A-List hair stylist (Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, Eva Longoria, Laura Whitmore), and Bblonde Brand Educator, who gave us the lowdown on 5 five-minute hairstyles that we can all do on the go.

How to achieve slicked and tucked bangs? A style we saw all over the runways for AW22, and it's set to be a huge trend. And you can do it in 5 minutes.

Wasting no time, Jason shares some mini tutorials on the most desirable and textural hair do’s with minimal stress, of course.

Tucked Bangs

"Slicked and tucked bangs were all over the runways for AW22, and it's set to be a huge trend, already gaining popularity on TikTok. This look couldn't be easier. Simple take your fringe and wet it down with water. Next, reach for your favourite comb and thoroughly smooth down, using a product that tames frizz and flyaways. I love the BStyled Smoothing Spray from Jerome Russell. Jerome Russell Bstyled Smoothing Spray | Hair | Superdrug. Play your bangs flat and secure with a pin of your choice, I love an embellished one for pizazz. Alternatively you can secure the bangs behind your ears, and let the hair behind fall slightly over it."

Botox Bun

"An easy style for everyday, and anti-ageing to boot. For this one, you'll need a lot of your favourite smoothing product, running through every length. Using a paddle brush with soft bristles, pull all of your hair to the very top of your crown into a bun as tight as you feel comfortable with. The key is to ensure the pulled hair is in line with your cheekbones, to pull them up and define your contours. Use a gel and toothbrush to secure all baby hair and flyaways."

Strand-out Space Buns

"Blame Euphoria, blame TikTok, but either way space buns are here to stay for spring. However, they've had a messy update. To create the look, it's best to begin with hair that's slightly damp. You'll then want to add a balm to de-tangle and tame frizz, before controlling the hair with a smoothing blowdry. I swear by the Bstyled Blow Dry Balm, Jerome Russell Bstyled Blow Dry Balm | Hair | Superdrug. Once your hair is dry, part your hair straight down the middle, and tie off each side in pigtails. Next, wrap them into half buns, letting hair fall out at the top. Use pins to secure hair and release wisps across the front, before wrapping them around your fingers for a half wave."

The Barbie Pony

"Big, bouncy and beautiful, the Barbie ponytail is back, and it's super easy to pull off. Unlike a simple pony, this style relies on extreme smoothness, a lot of height, and curled out ends, and a signature swooping side parting across the front. Think Ariana Grande and her signature style. To create the look, section the face framing strands you'd like to leave at the front. Next, gather your hair into a high pony at the top of your crown, and secure it with an elastic, and smooth your pony down. Lastly, use a curly wand to flick out the ends of the ponytail, ensuring the strands flow outwards."

Braided 'highlights'

"This fun look is gathering pace on TikTok, and provides a nostalgic nod to the 90s. It's so simple, using sporadic braids to emulate 'highlights'. Section your hair and pull out around four 1/2 inch strand across the left and right sides. Loosely braid them, and secure with a clear elastic. This looks is best with a lived in vibe, so gently use your fingers to rub them over the braids, loosening strands. I also love to use a salt spray to add texture to the remaining hair, which gives it a beautiful beach, boho feel. The BStyled Wave & Salt Spray is my go-to. Jerome Russell Bstyled Wave & Salt Spray | Hair | Superdrug.

Thank you Jason.

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