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Propolis: Meet the Beauty Ingredient Making a Buzz

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Propolis is one of the web's favourite natural ingredients. With 36.6 million views, #propolis-related content is making the buzz on TikTok. This well-deserved viral success is all about its benefits...

Meet one of the hottest natural ingredients on the net and on the shelves - propolis - and find out why it is a good ally for your beauty.

If you are wondering why propolis is so loved and why it is worth adding to your beauty and wellbeing routines, then join the crowd looking for some light on this natural ingredient. Around 60% of Google queries in the UK are about propolis proprieties and benefits.

Propolis: What It Is And Why It Is Skincare’s Hottest Ingredient

Propolis is a resin created by bees, using honey, enzymes and tree sap, to protect and defend their hive. It is naturally rich in nutrients and amino acids to help, calm, nourish and moisturise to promote healthy-looking skin. If you are looking for deeply hydrating and delicate products, then propolis is a good option for your skin.

SBC Skincare Propolis Range

From the hive to your hands, British brand SBC Skincare has harnessed the beneficial skincare qualities of Propolis and used them in their best-selling Propolis range.

Propolis Nourishing Conditioner from £6 - available online

This creamy conditioner will help balance moisture without weighing hair down, developed with a naturally nurturing trio of ingredients from the beehive: Honey, Propolis, and Royal Jelly, that leaves locks feeling refreshed, silky smooth and more resilient.

Propolis is rich in amino acids, antioxidants and bioflavonoids to help soothe a sensitive, scalp whilst caring for the hair follicle. Royal Jelly and Honey nourish and smooth out the hair to leave locks soft, shiny and manageable. Combined with hydrating and softening Argan Oil, and Pro-Vitamin B5 to help improve the appearance of the hair’s elasticity, leaving it looking fuller and healthier night and day.

Propolis Scalp Care Shampoo from £6 - available online

Scalp care was another huge and beneficial trend from 2021. You can upgrade this trend in 2022 with some Propolis. Gently cleanse and balance your hair and scalp with SBC Skincare’s award-winning Propolis Scalp Care Shampoo. A clear customer favourite, this shampoo is designed for those with itchy or sensitive scalps to help remove build-up and impurities to refresh and relieve. Formulated without silicone, SLS or parabens it is completely safe for a sensitive scalp. The Propolis helps the scalp retain moisture in the hair and soothes any scalp itchiness whilst also caring for the hair follicle.

Also included in the ingredients list is the botanical infusion of Ginger, White Nettle, Ivy, Fennel and Elderflower combines to help improve the condition of the hair and scalp. Conditioning Pro-Vitamin B5 and Honey hydrate and nourish your hair and scalp for healthy-looking locks full of vitality.

Propolis Hand Wash from £10 - available online

This caring formula thoroughly cleanses hands of dirt and grime with a rich, creamy lather that feels like silk on your hands. Propolis is a natural sealant that helps skin retain more moisture, so stops them from drying out after washing. It also has glycerin in its ingredients which keeps skin supple and smooth.

Propolis Moisturising Gel from £7.50 - available online

A hero product from the range, Propolis Moisturising Gel is a soothing, lightweight gel formulated to relieve, hydrate and replenish sensitive, flaky or irritated skin. One of SBC’s bestselling moisturising gels for a reason; a non-comedogenic gel moisturiser that quickly absorbs to instantly replenish moisture without suffocating the skin. Infused with bee Propolis to help you achieve soft, balanced, healthy-looking skin on your face and body.

Based on a study of 120 people, 100% confirmed the Propolis Moisturising Gel improved the condition of their skin and helped them retain a healthier-looking complexion!

Propolis Body Butter £28 - available online

With its rich and deeply nourishing blend of precious extracts, SBC Skincare’s Propolis Body Butter is ideal for softening dry, rough or stressed skin, to leave your skin silky-smooth, supple and healthy-looking. Providing long-lasting hydration, this rich, non-greasy body butter effectively restores moisture to skin in need of some TLC, whilst the warm, sweet aroma leaves skin delicately fragranced. This luxurious butter is brimming with nurturing Propolis and Royal Jelly extracts which are naturally rich in amino acids, minerals and antioxidants to nourish and protect your skin, for smooth, healthy-looking results. Shea Butter and Safflower Seed Oil are rich in essential fatty acids to deeply condition and improve the skin’s barrier function to help minimise moisture loss. Also blended with Vitamin E, this antioxidant-rich body butter protects your skin from damaging free radicals to keep your skin in tip-top condition.

Propolis Body Wash from £6 - available online

If you have sensitive, dry or irritated skin, you need to find the right body wash to help soothe and restore moisture as it cleanses your skin. SBC Skincare’s Propolis Body Wash is an ultra-gentle formula that creates a velvety lather to lift away impurities whilst nurturing your skin. This soothing body wash cares for your skin’s moisture barrier, so it will never feel stripped. Propolis helps calm very sensitive skin and helps to strengthen and restore fragile skin, and Glycerin helps bind moisture into the skin so it doesn’t dry out after washing, keeping it supple and soft. Enjoy squeaky clean skin that feels smooth, nourished and smells delectable, with its sweet and warm aroma.

You can have all the goodness created by busy bees without stings with SBC Skincare's propolis products. Their nourishment and sweet aroma will delight you, your skin and hair.

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