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Make Your Own Collagen with Skin Collagen Synergy

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Advanced Nutrition Programme

Collagen is a must-have in antiageing skincare and an essential component in our tissues.

To keep the amount of collagen always topped up, Advanced Nutrition Programme™ comes with a new product: New Skin Collagen Synergy, a smart skin supplement system to support collagen resilience.

Skin Collagen Synergy, developed by Advanced Nutrition Programme™, is a new supplement that supports your youth from within thanks to science.

About The Product: Skin Collagen Synergy

Activate your skin’s most youthful glow and support your own internal collagen formation* with Skin Collagen Synergy. This newest 28-day smart skin supplement system from Advanced Nutrition Programme™ supports the science of collagen formation* for a fresh, youthful, healthy-looking skin* whilst minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and brightening your complexion.

Skin Collagen Synergy is innovative inside and out. Shall we start from its design: pristinely packaged in protective pods, the researchers at Advanced Nutrition Programme™ have developed a convenient, daily dose of four collagen-supporting capsules. The newly launched skincare supplement features a combination of 32 vegan-friendly ingredients working in synergy and powered by multivitamins and minerals, as well as vitamin C, zinc, MSM, phytonutrients and acerola berry. This offers an alternative approach to traditional collagen supplementation from marine collagen.

Skin Collagen Support (2 capsules): plant-based capsules are packed with a clever cocktail of Vitamin C, zinc, MSM, grapeseed extract from the Champagne region in France and melon concentrate, rich in SOD (Superoxide dismutase).

Skin Vit C (1 capsule): acerola berry, Vitamin C and zinc work together to help brighten complexion and support immunity*. Recent research shows that depleted levels of Vitamin C contribute to ageing and dull-looking skin.

Skin Vitality (1 capsule): a modern multivitamin with 28 evidence-backed ingredients that acts as a foundation for all skin supplements. Including vital co-factors such as Vitamins C, E, B2, B3, zinc and magnesium for total skin, hair and body health*.

About Science Of Collagen

Collagen makes up approximately 80% of our skin and works in synergy with elastin to keep skin firm and resilient. Reports show that from our mid-twenties, we lose approximately 1% of collagen per year. For centuries, collagen has been viewed as a ‘fountain of youth’, with consumer demand for this wonder ingredient continuing to grow.

Supplements for skincare are on the rise and many of us love drinkables skincare. Skincare supplement is a trending topic with some of the most popular online searches being ‘collagen tablets’ (+60%) and ‘collagen supplements do they work’ (+60 %) (Source: HFMA / Google Trends). Collagen is made from amino acids found in protein foods and most of us have enough in our diets, so the body already has the building blocks it needs to make its own collagen. All we need are the synergistic nutrients to make this process of converting amino acids into collagen more efficient and protect the collagen fibres created. Here is where Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Skin Collagen Synergy comes into play.

Skin Collagen Synergy launched on 1st April and is available online at the Advanced Nutrition Programme™ website (www.advancednutritionprogramme.com), as well as via a network of skincare professionals, salons, clinics nationwide and authorised e-commerce partners including Harvey Nichols, Cult Beauty and Selfridges (RRP: £58 / €69 for a 28 day supply).

Once a day, this nutrient-packed system will work its scientific magic to support your natural beauty and youth from within.

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