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Genuinely very plucking good hacks for brows

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Reece Van Der Merwe

Eyebrows are easily the most important feature on your face, as different shapes can frame, lift, sculpt the face, as well as bringing attention to your eyes.

Current brow trends include the Fluffy Brow, the Outgrown Brow, and the return of the 90's skinny brow.

Fides Baldesberger, CEO of Rubis tweezers, is a brow expert with over 30 years' experience. Below are 5 of Fides' top hacks that are going to take the brow trend you're currently loving to the next level...

1. Lighting Is Everything

Bad lighting is the natural enemy of amazing brows. Shaping your eyebrows under the influence of fluorescents or dark lighting is just begging for a bald spot. You should only ever tweeze your brows in natural light. Not only will you be able to see stray hairs you’ve never noticed before, but you’ll have a more accurate idea of how your eyebrows are actually looking as you’re shaping them.”

Top tip: For those who drive, keep a pair of tweezers in your car to take advantage of all that natural light and the well-positioned flip-down mirror.

2. Avoid Magnifying Mirrors

They may seem like a good idea, but when you’re staring at your face blown up to three times its normal size, you’re way more likely to get obsessive and over-pluck. For optimal shaping success, use a regular mirror that’s about the same size as your face and don’t spend all your time staring super-closely at your brows. Take frequent steps back to get the full effect of your grooming efforts. Eyebrows look different at a distance, and that’s how most of the world is going to see you.

Top tip: pluck one hair at a time, move back and check, then pluck another hair if needs be."

3. Let Eyeshadow Be Your Guide.

Instead of using white eyeliner to mark out where you’ll be tweezing, use damp white eyeshadow instead. Eyeliner is waxy and pushes down brow hairs onto the skin, which makes rogue hairs easy to miss. Damp white eyeshadow, on the other hand, adheres to the hair, making even fine brows stand up a little so that they’re easier to see.

Top tip: Use a small brush and apply the damp eyeshadow against the hair’s grain to make sure that they’re really visible."

4. The Ultimate Brow-Trimming Tool.

Keeping your brow hairs at a uniform length is crucial. The best way to do this is with hair-trimming scissors (Rubis Colibri Scissors, Amazon £25.44). Don't be tempted to use just any scissors to trim hairs as they are too big for this delicate task.

Top tip: To trim your eyebrows without ending up with unfortunate bald spots, brush your eyebrows straight up with a dry toothbrush or spoolie brush, then trim along the upper arch. Make sure you clean your scissors with rubbing alcohol after each use."

5. Symmetry Is Overrated.

Don’t stress if your brows don’t match one another exactly. Eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins—so a little bit of variation in the width, arch and length is totally normal. Trying to force your eyebrows into perfect symmetry is a recipe for overplucking.

Didn’t we tell you? There is nothing better than simple but effective tips such as these to incorporate into your routine. Taking less than a minute to achieve natural and beautiful results, every plucking time!

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