Friday, 27 May 2022

Did someone say cupuaçu? Bring the rainforest to your hair and skin

Written by Lawrencia Nelson
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Ismail Hadine

If you happen to have a friend from northern Brazil or Columbia, they might tell you of a fruit from the cacao family called cupuaçu. They say it smells like a cross between chocolate and pineapple and the juice tastes like pear and banana.

Mind blowing combination and it gets better. The pulp is rich in fatty materials, similar to cocoa butter, that make it an excellent moisturiser.

Hair and Beauty Brand GRATIUM launches Super Soft Range featuring the almighty tropical power of cupuaçu.

UK based GRATIUM highlights their natural and organic range of beauty products and their insightful knowledge in cosmetic science and formulation to provide effective yet gentle natural haircare. Most importantly encouraging growth and aiding hair loss.

A certified organic, ethically produced natural hair and skin care brand who proudly advocates healthy hair and skin care products without the use of toxic ingredients that prevent Afro textured hair from flourishing.

Organic and vegan friendly hair and skin care brand GRATIUM has officially launched the ‘super soft range,’ the game changing range utilises healthy hair care ingredients to create the ultimate wash day.

The Super soft range entails soothing oil, clay shampoo and cupuaçu conditioner.

You may have tried their products last year, as the brand partnered up with natural hair care subscription box 4Curly hair.

Many were impressed with the fact that days after using the range, their hair was left feeling soft, hydrated, and most importantly not stripping the hair from its natural oils. The range is perfect for moisture retention. The soft super range is effective on all hair types if not just textured hair.

This is perfect if you suffer from dry hair, the cupuaçu conditioner is packed with amazing softening ingredients to help smooth your hair strands.

Known for its moisturising and softening qualities. The clay washing will help to remove the excess oil, unblock clogged pores which will then lead onto increase hair growth. The benefits of clay wash are endless.

Cleansing clay shampoo is the antidote to everyday environmental stressors such as the pollution from your daily commute. A natural remedy to combat the effects on our hair such as air conditioning, UV rays, and public transport can leave your scalp drier than ever.

Breaking down each product the clay shampoo gives your hair that soft feel whilst cleansing your hair with its detoxifying properties, followed on by the cupuaçu conditioner which is packed with amazing softening ingredients to help smooth your hair strands. The range has a plethora of benefits from boosting the softness of your hair which can last until your next hair wash day.

It is recommended as part of your fortnightly or monthly hair wash regimen.

GRATIUM is an all-inclusive and diverse brand. We have also linked an article we wrote last year that rallies up a list of black owned cosmetic businesses offering quality skin and hair products too.

Support small independent brands and make a difference where you spend your money.