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 Friday, 10 June 2022

6 Sweat-Proof and Sun-Proof Vacation Makeup Tips

Written by Maria Harutyunian
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Amir Seilsepour

Want tips to achieve the coverage you need on your hotter dates booked this summer? We know and desperately want to avoid the common pitfalls of melting globs of eyeliner and oil build up. If that already sounds like your worst nightmare, then keep reading. We got your back.

We share some hacks that address the heat of your destination, whilst feeling confident your makeup will not be letting you down.

We will be honest, if you want real peace of mind, you should consider rocking a natural look, even for the beach and boat parties. But don't worry, we’ll show you how and top secrets when packing for your travels.
The best way to make your makeup sweat-proof is to choose the right products and wear less makeup concentrating on skincare. Summer holidays on beaches are incredibly relaxing and so much more accessible as restrictions have been lifted.

1. Choose The Products Carefully

Choose waterproof products and special summer products before the season. Switch to oil-free moisturisers during the daytime to control melting makeup. Choose toners and serums with extra hydro-boost during summer to better moisturise. Selecting products with SPF of more than 30 helps you get protection from the sun. It is better to use less makeup and soak the skin in aloe vera and rosewater when on vacation. Don’t worry too much about any acne or imperfections on your face while on holiday. The fresh air will dry out acne and salt water does wonders!

Avoid bronzer and highlighter as it will give a sweaty look on your T-zone, and try to brush light pink on those areas.

2. Waterproof Eye Makeup And Milk Soaked Cotton Pads, Yes We Said Milk!

Use a good foundation and give the skin some rest from heavy makeup during your holidays. Avoid wearing winged liners or eyeliners in summer, and go with thick false lashes and mascara. It avoids the black goo spreading underneath the eyes after a few hours. Wear DIY waterproof fake lashes and mascara to get the best results during summer or beach holidays. Lilac St, Trish McEvoy, Eylure, and Sweed offer top-quality thick lashes. Clean your eyes at the end of the day with cotton soaked in milk to remove all the impurities and keep the sensitive area hydrated.

3. Experiment With Your Skin, Its As Unique As You Are

A moisturiser every celebrity swears by, might make you extra sweaty because our skin type is unique. A foundation that makes your friend look like a queen might melt in no time on your skin. Experiment with products that suit your skin during the summer and check which product
makes you sweat less. If you feel the products like serums and day creams irritate the skin, mix a small quantity of them with aloe gel and apply it on the face. It will control the harsh chemicals harming your sensitive skin, and you can still reap the benefits of high-end summer makeup. Try the waterproof versions of top makeup products to test whether they suit your skin during summer beach holidays.

4. Sweat-proof Tips- Primer Is Key To Set The Canvas

Many occasions require you to wear sweat-proof makeup, like summer weddings, special beach parties, and that holiday with your loved one on a romantic retreat. The best way to start is with a good primer before the foundation to make the makeup last long. Airbrush primers are the best because you can spray them to get an even coat on the face. Wear the primer on the eyelids before applying eye shadow to make it last long without smudging. Use a dusting powder with sunscreen on your face for touch up to control sweating. Choose a dewy makeup finish instead of too much shine, and go for more vibrant shades of pink and brown.

5. Things To Remember, Go Lighter Without Compromise

Red lipstick and deep-colored eye shadows or cheek tints are great for a party but not in summer. Use the same stain on your cheek and as eyeshadow to get a no-makeup, natural pinkish glow in summer. The pink contouring technique is best for spring and summer rather than getting shiny cheekbones that make your face look extra oily. Avoid using too many products in summer and choose products that serve many purposes at once. Tinted moisturisers avoid the need for foundation, and you don’t need a concealer with a sheer cover primer. Less makeup product usage automatically creates a natural look suitable for vacation and controls sweat.

6. Secrets For Non-sweaty Summer Makeup

-Always swap your costly lipstick for a lighter lip stain that goes well with any lip balm.
-Use a rose water-based setting spray and spritz often to avoid dullness on the face.
-Avoid powder blush and go for cheek stains in summer as they will not dissolve in the sweat quickly and last for a long time.
-Buy travel-sized products to check which one suits your skin first before investing too much in costly skincare or makeup.
-Touch up regularly and use blotting paper on your face to suck up extra oil before applying dusting powder.

It's about preparing the skin first, with good products and blending with natural ingredients to help them absorb and adapt to the conditions.
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