Friday, 13 January 2023

Shakeup and Calum Jarvis Launch The Sports Skincare Kit

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Shakeup Cosmetics proudly unveils their first brand partnership, a golden collaboration with TEAM GB Olympic gold medalist swimmer Calum Jarvis MBE.

The brand that changed the game of men's skincare, Shakeup Cosmetics, partnered with swimmer gold medalist Calum Jarvis MBE for a champion skin kit.

The company behind the game-changing men’s makeup range that sells 1 every 5 minutes globally, launch their sports skincare

Sports Vs. Your Skin

Exercise can become problematic for the skin if proper care is not taken to look after your skin pre and post-workout. Sweat builds on the surface during any type of exercise which can cause breakouts and dryness.
Outdoor exercises and water sports in chlorine-treated pools can put even more stress and cause further damage to the skin. Who better than a champion knows it?

Shakeup Cosmetics Collaborate With Calum Jarvis

Shakeup Cosmetics worked with their first Brand Ambassador Calum Jarvis to create a kit for sports lovers of any level. The swimmer golden medalist carefully curated The Sports Skincare Kit for those who lead an active lifestyle but need a simple skincare routine that keeps their skin clean, clear and hydrated, always.

"It’s been a long time in the making and we are so excited to have partnered with Calum to curate this skincare set. We love the simplicity of this kit, but they are packed with skin-loving actives and ingredients, suitable for all skin types, and targeting some of the most common skin issues our customers are facing. We hope you will love them as much as we do!” - Shane & Jake Co-founders of Shakeup Cosmetics

The Sports Skincare Kit

The Sports Skincare Kit simplifies skincare and maximises performance in just two steps. It includes FACE 4WARD Multi-Action Daily Face Wash and HYDRATE IN A HURRY Moisturiser Stick, and it is exclusively sold online on the Shakeup Cosmetics website at the retail price of £19.99.

Step 1: FACE 4WARD Multi-Action Daily Face Wash

A bar of soap just does not cut through the sweat and grime that builds up on the face during exercise. Shakeup Cosmetics FACE 4WARD daily face wash is packed with Willow Bark extract & fruit AHA complex to gently exfoliate the skin, to improve skin tone and the appearance of pores. Aquaxyl™, a natural pro-age moisturiser boosts hydration lost from working out.

“I have always loved this face wash because it’s a lot milder on the skin. It feels more hydrating. It leaves my skin feeling light and refreshed after wash.” - Calum

Step 2: HYDRATE IN A HURRY Moisturiser Stick

The skin dehydrates after a workout and this step is the perfect remedy! HYDRATE IN A HURRY is designed to offer men a way to cool, soothe and hydrate sensitive skin in a hurry. The solid moisturising formulation conveniently fits easily into your pocket, gym or travel bag. This power-packed twist-up stick is full of skin-nourishing ingredients and it is made to work with male skin needs AND fit into busy lives.

“This roll-on moisturiser is a favourite of mine. Working on pool side, I get dry skin because of the chlorine fumes. I combat this by using this moisturiser stick. It’s quick, and it’s an essential that I always have it in my bag.” - Calum

About Shakeup Cosmetics

Launched in 2019 by twin brothers Shane and Jake Xu, Shakeup Cosmetics rocketed as one of the fastest-growing men’s beauty brands and shook gender stereotypes about men's personal care. The brand understands that the physiology of men’s skin is different to women’s, so they create innovative skincare and hybrid makeup products, which combine proven skincare benefits with high-performance cosmetic features. Every product is multi-purpose and designed to meet the needs of today’s busy, stylish modern man.

Since their launch, Shakeup has arrived in 150 retail stores across the UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and China, and their best-selling product, LET’S FACE IT BB Tinted Moisturiser is selling 1 every 5 minutes globally.

Find the newest The Sports Skincare Kit and the complete Shakeup Cosmetics range online.

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