Friday, 27 January 2023

Wake Up and Glow With RINGANA Overnight Treatments

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Winter is gloomy enough, glow as wake up with these two skin and body treatments from RINGANA that are sure to simplify and boost your routine.

Say goodbye to dry and tired skin this Winter with RINGANA's natural and vegan overnight treatments. Wake up and glow!


Being back to the usual life routine is never easy. If you feel lacking in energy and your skin looks tired, it is time to level up your beauty sleep. RINGANA, the pioneer of fresh and natural skincare from Austria, has two powerful treatments that work their way as you peacefully sleep...

RINGANA FRESH Overnight Face Treatment

RINGANA's Overnight Face Treatment from its FRESH skincare range (30 ml – £60.40) is an innovative vitamin-based night-time skincare treatment with a special ABC complex aimed to firm the skin of face, neck and décolletage overnight. The "ABC complex" works this way: highly effective Vitamin A (retinal) stimulates collagen synthesis and reduces the depth of wrinkles, Vitamin B boosts collagen and elastin production; while Vitamin C slows the ageing process by protecting against free radicals.

RINGANA FRESH Overnight Body Treatment

Extend your beauty sleep to your body and fight the most problematic areas with RINGANA FRESH Overnight Body Treatment (125 ml – £57.04).

This intensive body product boosts collagen synthesis, cell renewal and fat metabolism in the skin overnight. Your silhouette will be smoother and firmer and, on the other hand, cellulite and stretch marks will go reduced. In this overnight treatment, you will find rich oils to keep your skin smooth and supple, and caffeine to stimulate microcirculation. Plus, RINGANA added forskolin to help to reduce unwanted subcutaneous fat, and niacinamide to balance your skin tone, even out age and pigment spots and promote the formation of collagen and elastin.

Apply FRESH Overnight Body Treatment every evening to the areas you want to improve and massage well. For best usage and results, apply this treatment 30 minutes before going to bed and wear dark and loose clothing. Let the Overnight Body Treatment do its work and wake up every day smoother.


"What’s not to love about RINGANA! These products are vegan, environmentally friendly and with all-natural ingredients. The overnight body and face treatments are a bright yellowy colour and they soak into the skin in seconds leaving it well moisturised and soft. These two products have a delightful yet subtly fresh smell which must be the Alba seed and other oils used.

I will definitely be adding RINGANA to my nightime skincare routine." – Deborah St. Louis (Director)

Start a new nighttime routine with RINGANA online.

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