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Reiki Journey For Your Skin And Spirit With Hemsley Organics

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Hemsley Organics

Kind, natural and away from all the nonsense... for the most eco-conscious of us, skin and body care have to be down to Earth but what if well-being could convey energy as well? Hemsley Organics send recharge you with pure Reiki.

Stop and recharge your spirit and your skin. You can in one go in your skincare routine with Hemsley Organics and its Reiki-infused products.

About Hemsley Organics

Behind every brand there is someone with a passion or a mission, behind Hemsley Organics there is Reiki master Georgina Hemsley. Georgina mastered the Japanese spiritual healing technique and, besides her curative activity in person and online, she has channelled the universal life energy into her cosmetics. Georgina believes that the intention to cure – which moves each Reiki master – can be targeted to what we can use on ourselves. So she can work on her natural preparations to rebalance and recharge them after the production process. Each and every Hemsley Organics product is then a powerful infuse of natural goodness.

About Reiki

Talking about spiritual energy can be daunting and feel undefined, but behind Georgina's practice and beliefs, there is long research, introspection and experimentation. Reiki is a spiritual concept, translated in the West as "universal life energy" and a therapeutic practice born in Japan by Misako Usui, who founded his first school in 1922. Reiki travelled far and wide thanks to Usui's successors and students becoming very popular in the States.
If the power of Reiki is not attested in the case of medical conditions, the sense of inner peace and balance explains the popularity and love for this practice.

Reiki-infused Treatments

Hemsley Organics wants to be as close as possible to Nature, pure as it is. The brand logo, in fact, is a lotus flower which stands for purity, long life and health. In her research for purity, Georgina chose organic, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients. No pesticides inside, and less unfriendly packaging on the outside. The result is a collection of organic treatments for all skin types made with Bulgarian rose water and natural extracts reactivated with Reiki energy.

Hemsley Organics Skincare

Age Defying Intensive Eye & Face Serums

An extra step is never wasted, add a serum for your face and eye area to level up your skincare routine: Hemsley Organics Age Defying Intensive Eye & Face Serums are here for that. With 95% of organic ingredients and organic essential oils, this serum duo is developed to nourish ageing skin with fast-absorbing textures and kind formulations suitable for all skin types. Let their woody and floral notes calm you and help you reach the balance.

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Age Defying Day & Night Cream

As the sun and the moon, Hemsley Organics Age Defying Day & Night Cream are complementary face creams to conclude your AM and PM routine. Their formulas are suitable for all skin types and they support the skin as it ages so it ages well, radiant and hydrated. The Reiki energy is accompanied by distinct olfactory combinations to energise your spirit in the day and soothe you as you get ready to switch off for the day and sleep.

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New to Reiki? Maybe you are sceptical but your skin likes it. Find out more at Hemsley Organics.

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