Thursday, 16 February 2023

#SoapBarShakeUp Your Bath Time With Eco Warrior Solid Bars

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Have you put in place your green proposals for the new year? If your answer was "no, but...", you are not too late to get started with the New-Gen soap bars from Eco Warrior. Join the #SoapBarShakeUp and make a change that is kind to your skin and the planet.

#SoapBarShakeUp: change the way you think about your bath time. Eco Warrior and its New-Gen soap bars take care of your needs in a sustainable way.

Eco Warrior Soap Bar Solutions

Eco Warrior shows you how being sustainable does not mean sacrificing results thanks to its nourishing, hydrating, job-specific, plastic-free soap bars packed with enriching ingredients that are kind to your skin, hair and the planet.

From delicate scalp shampoos and shaving bars to blemish-prone facial cleansers, Eco Warrior replies to your daily needs. Each with a distinct use and bespoke essential oil blend, Eco Warrior bars are rich in natural, plant-based ingredients and totally free from detergents, SLS, sulphates, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones, and synthetic preservations. They are simply wrapped in a recyclable box so you can say goodbye to single-use plastic from sinks, bathrooms, and washbags!

#SoapBarShakeUp In 3 Steps

Start your #SoapBarShakeUp today with these three unique, uber-effective, eco-conscious and cost-effective cleansing bars for every skin and lifestyle, perfect for packing for your next adventure or staying in.

Eco Warrior Sensitive Scalp Shampoo Bar

A gentle solid shampoo (£5.50/100g) that blends white clay and clary sage oil to gently and naturally cleanse and moisturise. Fragranced with a concoction of pure, clearing mint and eucalyptus essential oils, it helps keep the scalp healthy.

Why switch to Eco Warrior shampoo bar? Each bar replaces, on average, 3x shampoo bottles (250ml) and saves over 2,000ml of water for cost-effective, eco-friendly hair washing.

Eco Warrior Shaving Bar

This innovative and moisturising shaving bar (£4.50/100g) creates a luxurious, natural lather with coconut oil and shea butter to moisturise and soothe skin, pre, post and during your shave. Fragranced with a gender-neutral essential oil blend of bergamot and lime, this bar is intended for every area people shave.

Why going solid is a good idea? Each bar replaces, on average, 2x shaving foam bottles or tubes (250ml) and saves over 2,000ml of water for cost-effective, eco-friendly shaving.

Eco Warrior Clear Skin Bar

Start and end your days with a nourishing and clarifying cleansing bar £4.50/100g) with detoxifying charcoal to draw out impurities, reduce excessive sebum production and ease irritated, inflamed skin. Grape seed oil works to nourish and soothe dry and sensitive skin, while tea tree essential oil provides powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Are solid face bars that good? Each bar replaces, on average, 5x face wash bottles (150ml) and saves over 2,000ml of water for cost-effective, eco-friendly cleansing.

#SoapBarShakeUp is gentle to your skin, the planet and your wallet. Three good reasons to start a green habit today with Eco Warrior.

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