Monday, 03 June 2024

Elemental Herbology Launches Smart Screen SPF50+

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Get out in the sun and face the outside world with full confidence. Elemental Herbology gets you covered and protected with Smart Screen SPF50+, more than an SPF.

Elemental Herbology has powered up your idea of sunscreen with a solution against UVs, blue light and pollution: TMC-inspired Smart Screen SPF50+.

About Elemental Herbology Smart Screen SPF50+

The latest launch from award-winning skincare and spa brand Elemental Herbology is a smart version of your regular SPF to complete and complement your skincare routine.
The Smart Screen SPF50+ £45.00, available online is a feathery-light SPF moisturiser, enriched with skin-loving vitamins including provitamin B5 and vitamin E, and highly protective ingredients such as Pollustop and Aquaceria to shield skin from everyday sun damage, blue light from screens and environmental pollution.
The vegan, silicone-free and fragrance-free formulation is perfect for all skin types and everyday use, either as a lightweight moisturiser or in addition to your current skincare routine.

Smart Screen SPF50+: Skincare To Protect

Smart Screen SPF50+ formula not only protects your skin from harmful sun rays but it creates a potent shield against blue light and pollution while taking care of your skin like a real treatment thanks to its skincare ingredients.

  • Vitamin E & Provitamin B5 contain antioxidant properties to protect from free radical damage and pollution while locking in hydration and strengthening the skin barrier.
  • Pollustop will shield skin from damage and dullness caused by pollution, helping to maintain healthy, glowing skin.
  • Aquaceria creates a physical barrier between the skin and blue light rays to reduce oxidative damage and early signs of ageing including fine lines and wrinkles.

Product Feedback

"This is a lovely light sunp rotection cream with good coverage and because it's factor 50, it's perfect for darker skintones too" - Deborah st. Louis - Director (Fashions Finest)

Find Your Balance With Elemental Herbology's Fire Range

Elemental Herbology is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The new SPF is the latest member of the Fire Element, perfect for all skin types and use across all the elements.

Each element is associated with a personality type, a season, a colour, and even a taste! TCM informs us that each person has a unique balance of these elements. The Fire-dominant character is likely to be sociable, charismatic and often possess an infectious enthusiasm.
They make great leaders and friends, but they exert a lot of energy which, when out of balance, can leave them burnt out. This new SPF, and the rest of the Fire range, aim to bring this back into balance, re-energising skin, body and mind.

Your inner element will help you to build a balanced skincare routine; Elemental Herbology will guide you.