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Pimples and Acne? COSRX Put a Patch on Them

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Pimples happen, do not let them ruin your mood. Find the right patch for your blemish with COSRX and its best-sellers bought every 20 seconds.

There is a quick solution to stop blemishes as soon as they appear and it is not a magic trick. It is COSRX pimple patches collection.


Korean skincare giant COSRX comes to the rescue when a sudden pimple comes visiting your face. For pimples and acne, COSRX has a product for every skin and type of blemish. Explore online the fast-sold range.

COSRX – Master Patch Intensive 36 Pack

Master Patch Intensive (£14.99, available at Cult Beauty) treat your blemishes with hydrocolloid, which effectively absorbs excess sebum that can trigger further breakouts. A tea tree oil blend support the healing action by reducing the inflammation around the imperfections. If you are a skin picker, these handy cover ups create a protective barrier that will prevent you from touching, squeezing or worsening pimples throughout the course of the day.

COSRX – Master Patch X-Large

Need more coverage? Master Patch X-Large (£21.99, available at LookFantastic) is the supersized blemish sticker enriched with skincare ingredients that adapts to your face with its round shape. Infused with niacinamide, the sticker adheres directly to the skin, concealing blemishes while nourishing the skin. It can also be worn alone or under your makeup to reduce the appearance of imperfections.

COSRX – Clear Fit Master Patch

Clear Fit Master Patch (£6.95, available at Beauty Bay) treats and heals your blemishes during the daytime. These targeting patches contain fast acting ingredients that work to reduce a spot quickly. The ultra-thin hyrocolloid material acts as a barrier against further bacteria and infection.

COSRX – AC Collection Acne Patch

These innovative spot patches (£6.95, available at Beauty Bay) include Centella Asiatica extract which helps to treat acne whilst simultaneously healing the skin to avoid scarring. Each tapered patch adheres to the skin to ensure that it stays in place overnight, no matter where you place it.

COSRX – Acne Pimple Master Patch

The COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch (£5.99, available at Sephora UK) is a thin clear hydrocolloid patch that helps treat acne, pimples and acne scars. Similar to the texture of a hydrogel sheet mask, it adheres to your skin well, seals around the acne to protect it from bacteria and dirt (which is what causes them in the first place), while maintaining the moisture level inside.

We all know that picking your skin is a unhealthy habit, but COSRX pimple patches collection will stop your blemishes at the first sign and you from being too harsh on your skin with a discreet solution. Explore the range online, now available in the UK from Sephora, CultBeauty, BeautyBay, Boots, LookFantastic, and ASOS.