Friday, 25 February 2011

A Man’s Guide To Fresh Fabulous Skin

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The 21st century has presented us with so many things and the beauty industry is a no left out area, and also Gone are the Days where only women are obsessed with their skin.
The 21st century African Man is also trying to make sure he looks his best always even after shower or shaving which many men still struggle to do but I am here to solve that with my top 5 fundamental skin regime tip for that man who knows who he is and wants to make a statement where ever he goes.

The first things that gets you noticed is usually your face and therefore it is very important that you keep it looking fabulous as always before we commence it is advisable to have a check with your local dermatologist as to what skin type you have and from there you are good and ready to go with these 5 skin fundamental regime tip.

Clear Skin Starts With Clean Skin

Men generally have considerably larger pores and oilier skin than women according to research. That's why it is necessary for you to clean your face daily with a good deep cleanser stay away from using bar soaps on your face as they contain harsh ingredients that clog up your pores chemical-free deep cleansers are just what you need because they gently cleanse pores without clogging them.

Use Cleanser such as:
  • Dermalogica special cleansing Gel
  • That is simple and fragrance-free
  • With a gentle foam formulation that won't
  • Hurt or sting your face. One of my
  • Best favorite men's products is Nivea
Nivea For Men

Toning Leads To Timeless Skin

It is absolutely essential for men to tone their skin after cleansing as they are more exposed than women to outside environmental debris and pollutants. Daily toning keeps the Debris away from your skin removes all traces of oil and dirt reduces pore size to avoid the problem of ingrown hairs. Toning is guaranteed to revitalize your face, giving your face a clear and timeless skin.

Nivea for Men Post

Shave Balm is a great toner because its alcohol and dye free formulation soothes and protects sensitive skin it is packed with vitamins and herbal extracts to nurture and reinvigorate your skin

You Are What You Eat!

Now is the part I love so much which I myself I fall victim okay lets start.

To get fresh, fabulous skin you need to incorporate Vitamin C and E into your daily diet regimen According to researchers Both vitamin types are high in antioxidants which protect your skin cells from the damaging effects of free radicals such as air pollution, cigarette, smoke and ultraviolet radiation from the sun, common Vitamin C and E food sources include bell peppers, broccoli, oranges, nuts, green leafy vegetables and vegetable oil. Eating right nourishes your body, mind and most importantly your skin.

That being said, how many of you men actually take the time to monitor your food-in-take? If you don't have a particular healthy lifestyle, taking vitamin supplements as a quick fix to fresh skin will do the trick.

Treat Your Face

You are born with only one face (please don't destroy it), so treat it well and handle with care. No matter what your skin type it is vital that you exfoliate your skin often to remove those dead cells that develop daily. Due to shaving, men tend to have rougher skin than women, so exfoliating needs to be a part of your daily routine. There is nothing attractive about bumpy skin; hence.............Exfoliate! Exfoliate!!

Men Active Face Scrub is An excellent choice because it is a quick and easy –to-use Scrub that deeply cleanses and resurfaces your skin, leaving it refreshed renowned and rejuvenated. Moisturising your skin is another necessary path to fabulous looking skin.

For Optimal results, Try using Kiehl's Facial Fuel moisturizer for Men this non-oily moisturizer is enriched with vitamin C and E to wake and uplift dull, exhausted skin improving skin's look and texture it is also great because it helps skin resist the effects of environmental stress for a fresh, fabulous and healthy appearance.

Black Does Crack

On average, black men and women don't wrinkle as fast as other races do (no racism here please) due to the level of melanin in our skin however we are not exempt from skin damage is the number 1 cause of Premature aging in men it is imperative that every man uses sunscreen daily as it provides a barrier to harsh sunrays that damage and cause wrinkles.

Contrary to popular belief, every man wants to look young and fresh as long as possible. So always begin your day by applying a sunscreen
With an SPF 15-30 such as Laroche Posay Anthelios sunscreen should become a central part of skin care routine because it will keep your skin looking young and fresh.