Tuesday, 25 May 2010

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How good is your hairstylist?
Have you ever experienced having a bad hair day more than once in a row? Do you ever wonder how long is it going to last after spending hours in front of the mirror trying to get your hair look just right? Have you ever been to your friends "best hairstylist in town" just to find yourself after couple of hours with a bush-look alike hairstyle? If yes, then this is for you.

In the Metropolis Cities where everything is growing like a mushrooms after the rain, we often find ourselves being excited while reading a brochures, magazines or a street advertisements with a beauty on the cover, promising us that if we go there we would look exactly the same.

Even though with a variety of old and "now open" beauty salons we coming back to the same point that the search for the perfect hairstylist seems like a never-ending one. So how do we minimize our hair-risk factor until we find the "one and only"?

A visit to a hair salon could leave you feeling excited or frustrated wanting to know "why me?", so to avoid the last one first of all you have to make sure that you and the stylist speak the same language. Yes, as funny as it's sounds, but some of the self-proclaimed "celebrity stylists" can't speak "your language" and sure can't read your mind, so before you let yourself go, make sure that he or she clearly understands what you are looking for. The second one would be your comfort level; you have to feel comfortable with your stylist; patience & persistence is a must.

Atmosphere is also very important, make sure the salon is neat and organized and that their scissors and combs are sterilized.

A good hairstylist will always ask how long do you spend on your hair everyday and what products do you use. He or she will suggest the styles based on your facial features. Please remember that wall of education certificates doesn't mean a great stylist. Always ask how long have they been in the business, since the knowledge comes with experience. Don't try to get a total hair makeover with the stylist you see for the first time, you have to make sure that they doing it right.

If you wish to color your hair or do high or low lights, the professional hairstylist should always ask how many times and what colors did you use on your hair at least in the last six month.

A good stylist can identify you hair type within a seconds and use the care products accordingly. If the stylist is truly focused on you, they will ask you relevant questions and validate your concerns. If you have a curly hair it is always better to go for a stylist who has a curly hair themselves.

And the last one; don't expect to get the exact haircut of those models or celebrities you see on screen and always keep in mind the environmental and weather factors as they affect the way your hair behaves.