Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Nail Revolution

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Rebel Nails
Become part of the nail revolution with Rebel Nails
Fed up of waiting for nails to dry, just for them to chip them in a matter of hours? Well those days are over thanks to Rebel Nails, a revolutionary new beauty product designed for nails.

Rebel Nails are a self adhesive, flexible film that covers the whole nail and can be applied to natural, acrylic or gel nails in a matter of minutes. There is a stunning collection of designs and a quick no nonsense application, just follow a few simple steps - peel, heat, stick... and go. It's not a polish or false nail and you don't need glue or a top coat.

With easy application, Rebel Nails are the most glamorous way to accessorise your fingers and toes. Rebel Nails will fit virtually any length, size or shape of finger nail or toe nail. They are easy to apply at home and avoid the need for expensive nail technician work, or a trip to a nail bar. Simply clean the nail, select the right size Rebel Nail from the pack and stick to the nail. Smooth the Rebel Nail out from the centre to make sure there are no creases, fold the excess over the nail and file away using downward strokes.

Rebel Nails are available in over fifty designs, starting from just £4.99 for one set from the online store.