Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Afro Hair & Beauty Bible

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The must have beauty book for Women of Colour.
Women love to look their best, we are constantly searching for the next beauty secret or must have product to make us look and feel that little bit better.

As black women it is difficult to decipher though all of the magazines and beauty books on the market to find out exactly what will work for your particular hair and skin type only to find a disappointing one or two pages dedicated to black and biracial women.

After years of research into healthy hair care methods for my relaxed Afro hair, and after experimenting with different products and techniques I decided to compile my extensive research into a book. I have been approached by numerous black women wanting advice on how to restore and repair their damaged hair and how to prevent their children's hair from taking the same path.

The Afro Hair & Beauty Bible is a comprehensive guide into how to manage and maintain beautiful healthy Afro hair and skin. This book provides sought after information that is vital to the health of Afro hair, this book teaches Women of Colour what products work with your Afro hair type; whether it is Relaxed or Natural and how to prevent breakage, the meaning to terms such as co-washing and dusting as well as teaching you the proper way to relax your hair successfully.

The Afro Hair & Beauty Bible is an easy to read glossy resource book that it is packed full of information and stunning images. The book is available to buy online at the dedicated website, Amazon, Books etc, Afro hair shops across the capital and specialist bookshops and retails for £9.99.