Whether attending a summer wedding, the bride yourself, or just sitting on the sofa at home wanting to indulge in your self care, home luxury skin treatments never got so accessible.

One online retailer CurrentBody offers a range of own-brand devices and tools to get your skin glowing from head to toe before any big occasion.

It's not uncommon for celebrities to say they prefer to do their makeup themselves, for they know their skin and their best angles. It's no different with our skin’s needs and fragilities, especially if we knew there was an alternative to professional treatments normally requiring booking in at a skin clinic. As technology advances, more options are available to safely administer more complex treatments ourselves in the comfort of our own home.

Here’s your one-stop-shop guide, for intense repair skin treatments for glowing results.

For Tackling Lines Around The Eyes

The CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector (RRP £169) is a wearable LED rechargeable device that works to address the delicate eye area, helping to target fine lines and wrinkles. Supercharged with four light wavelengths: AMBER, RED, DEEP RED and INFRARED Light, these four options help stimulate the natural processes in the body to work towards rejuvenating the skin, without any harmful UV light effect. Another tool for the eye area is the innovative, first-of-its-kind anti-wrinkle sleep mask (RRP £90) which has just launched in Rose Gold. A collaboration with leading aesthetics doctor, Dr Steve Harris. Using 2R Technology (resistance and relaxation), the silicone dots gently grip your skin to prevent the underlying muscles from contracting. This resistance helps to prevent sleep creases – usually caused by your pillow – for smoother skin around the eyes. The physical relaxation of muscles and emotional relaxation as the mask stimulates your mechanoreceptors – tiny little nerve endings in your face.

For Boosting Collagen Production In The Skin

Celebrity loved product, stainless steel hand-held CurrentBody Skin Cryo Roller (RRP £30) device delivers sub-zero temperatures to your skin, shocking skin cells into sending blood and nutrients to the area. This fresh delivery of nutrients helps flush away toxins, and reduce water retention, for radiant skin. The tool can be used as often as needed and for best results, store in the freezer.

Another firm favourite from the brand is their hero LED device, the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask (RRP £279). This pain-free, anti-ageing mask harnesses two combinations of light therapy to rejuvenate your complexion. Red Light stimulates the production of new collagen, calms redness and creates an even skin tone. Near Infra-Red works beneath the skin's surface, penetrating deep boosting circulation, improving blood flow and boosting oxygen to the skin's cells.

For Smoothing The Delicate Neck Area

With the CurrentBody LED range known for playing an important role in celebrities beauty prepping regimes, it’s no surprise that the popular CurrentBody Skin LED Neck & Dec Perfector (RRP £250) is their go to LED device for the neck. Perfect for treating fine lines and wrinkles on your neck and chest with clinically-proven LED therapy, this innovative device harnesses two powerful light therapies to encourage cell renewal for younger-looking skin.

For The Youthful Pout On Your Lips

After the award-winning launch of the LED Eye Perfector back in March 2022, CurrentBody Skin have continued to get ahead of the targeted home-use treatments with their newest beauty device launch, launching in Summer 2022.

The LED Lip Perfector specifically designed to target fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area, is unlike any other technology and topical skincare treatments on the market. This device treats the very deepest layers of the skin without pain or irritation. Bringing professional strength, clinically proven methods found in clinics and salons around the world to the comfort of your own home. Allowing you to achieve a more youthful pout with just 3 minutes of use per day.

For Younger Smoother Looking Hands

The CurrentBody LED Hand Perfector (RRP £199) is revolutionising hand care. Crafted by Omnilux - world leaders in medical-grade LED light therapy devices - the device combines dual wave red and infrared light, and has the equivalent of 72 individual LEDS, to improve your hands inside-out. Not only will they look softer, younger and healthier but any joint pain will be reduced too. LED red light therapy is also used professionally for skin healing and scar reduction. This means you can use it before and after aesthetic treatments. All you need to do is spend 20 minutes, 3-5 times a week for best results.

Full Body Repairing And Rejuvenation Treatment

The CurrentBody Dermalux Flex MD (RRP £1,895) was created by the multi-award winning and globally recognised Dermalux Systems, Flex MD, the words most powerful at home LED device for the face and full body. An effective treatment for skin concerns like acne, redness, pigmentation, signs of ageing, scarring, large pores and uneven tone. It’s also certified to target wider concerns on the body such as sports injuries and joint pain.

These treatments are ideal when you're having a slow down time session at home, either a night in, or luxurious afternoon off. Which device meets your needs for your next special occasion?

To youth, self care and feeling good.

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