Creative Industries Minister Margot James will today announce a cash boost to turbocharge the UK’s international trade in the creative industries.

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The Britain’s Top Designer Award is delighted to announce that X-factor 2016’s contestant and Simon Cowell’s protégé Sam Lavery is set to perform at the Britain’s Top Designer Awards on Sunday the 18th of February 2018, coming fresh from her first solo tour in January 2018.

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Fashions Finest is proud to announce to have partnered with Sony for a special project Fashions Finest AW17.

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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 00:23

Renaissance: fashions spring re-birth

Hi readers, it certainly has been some time since we last conversed and I started to think that I would never leave the confines of my sofa, let alone write again until after the 19th of April, the night I attended Fashions Finest "Renaissance" show at Nottingham's swanky Alea Casino.

Fashion is a love which never fails to leave me and it proved to remain high up in my life agenda again after I attended 'Renaissance'. And, if it wasn't good enough to be entertained by a number of emerging designers and their wonderful garments, it was even more a treat to hear a diverse range of fresh musicians perform new music.

Nottingham had more talent than an evening's worth of "Britain's got talent" auditions that night and I was so happy that I had to write you a blow by blow account of the whole night! So here comes the typing and the photos all over again. Retold, in these beautiful photographs taken by Mikey San.

First and foremost opening the show was the lovely and local Josh Kemp. Josh played us to two acoustic numbers, one "a love song in his own modest words" apparently, which I enjoyed as he sung it beautifully to me!

Josh is definitely one to watch and has been touring constantly, playing no less than two hundred and fifty venues last year so we heard. His soulful voice, lifting melodies, bone structure and that determination will serve him well and I do hope to hear more from him in the near future although I'm not sure he knows my phone number yet!
The fashion parade then commenced in a spectacular of colour and celebration thanks to talented new-comer Callecia J brown. Very much a fan of the Edwardian era, the forties, fifties and all fabrics wonderful and bright, Callecia combined all these influences to make, in my opinion a modern remake of 'My fair lady' and the result was stunning.  I loved this collection with its ruffles, tailoring and bright African inspired geometric prints and so would the Edwardians if they'd have been so lucky to have worn her designs!
Continuing with the Edwardian theme, young designer Joey Storer made me very proud when I watched his elegant Edwardian inspired feminine clothes glide down the catwalk alongside recent creations made this year during his first year at Nottingham Trent University studying knitwear and design. I was drawn to Joey's bold use of colour, print and contoured design when I first saw his collection at West Nottinghamshire College fashion show last year. To see his progression into knitwear since was a real treat. Bold block colour and a real flair for shape and styling were evident for all to see on his first ever public catwalk and I predict that we will be seeing a lot more from Joey in the near future!
Giving the models a rest and arresting our ears with his fine blend of soulful lyrics, rhyme and his memorable 'let's get funky' dancehall style track then was the unforgettable P.Nology. Admitting soon into his act that he was the one who chatted up Kelly Rowland live on the 'X –factor' last year, we all found it hard to see why he didn't win over her heart fully with his cheeky humour and charisma. Recently touring with Dappy and with a European tour to many clubbing destinations ahead of him, I think we will be seeing a lot more of this man and I certainly couldn't get that tune out of my head that night or, the next day for that matter. 
Returning to fashion from yesteryear, emerging designer Helena Ocansey then took us on an alternative history trip to the French revolution through the eyes of Marianne Antoinette. In Helena's words, her clothes portrayed "a celebration of life during the French revolution". Instead of portraying Marianne's fear of persecution when her popularity fell with the French public, bright prints designed by Helena adorning beautifully boned and corseted garments sang out a celebration of life in colour! Indeed, a very talented designer, re-writing history right before our eyes.
Taking inspiration from London night life and tailoring beautifully fitting clothing, newcomer, Dean Dufurn exhibited his 'Butterfly' entitled collection. Celebrating feminine curves and contours, Dean exhibited a wonderful collection of tailored with clever ruffled embellishment and detailing.
As if things couldn't get any better for me, I then got to see the acclaimed Zeeno Dee Designs, Winner of Fashions Finest Top designer of 2013. Showcasing, clever detailing such as pleats, geometric patterns and futuristic contours, Zeeno took my breath away with her attention to detail. I particularly liked the geometric fashioned, Grecian –come- modernistic galactic number. So trident and beautiful like model Lily Hannah Appleton-Goldstraw wearing it. And then there was the white dress. Oh how I wish I had that dress in my wardrobe and the Grecian escape to warrant its wear or maybe a red carpet award ceremony.
Finally, one lady who looked and sounded every inch red carpet worth was Ava Rose. A regular backstage volunteer at Fashions finest and clearly a very talented singer undiscovered until now,  Ava took our breath away with her soulful tones, raw with emotion and experience of a performer twice her age. A real beauty, singing in a unique style which could stand equally against the likes of Nina Simone.
And if that wasn't good enough, I also won a prize on the raffle!! A NYX make up goody bag which I will eagerly await its delivery from Victoria Davies, makeup artist to the models in the show, our own blogger at Fashions finest and my face saviour!

Prizes a-side, the show did have a serious intent and the raffle was undertaken to raise money for YCR Young citizens of Rwanda, a charity set up Jemrose Walker from Nottingham to help the child  and teen survivors of the genocide which happened twenty years ago. Orphaned and Left with no parents, finances, education or prospects, these young people had nothing until Jemrose left her life in Nottinghamshire and moved to Rwanda. There she rented a 'safe house' to accommodate young people and continues to raise money to provide education, guidance, food and housing for this group of vulnerable young people. Speaking to her sister Shearon that evening, I was truly moved to hear of her sister's determination to help the young people succeed in life and achieve things we all take for granted such as having an education and being able to eat every day. I couldn't think of a more worthy cause to donate money.

All in all, a highly entertaining evening for a worthy cause. Definitely worth leaving the sofa for, and the best way to see spring in.

Photos by Mikey San. Mikey San/twitter@whoismikey

See the full gallery of photos here
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Sunday, 11 August 2013 20:37

African Fashion Takes over the World...

Disclaimer: this is a totally biased review done by me (Mr Mahogany) and I can assure you that it is going to be 100% biased and will be a great review, so if you feel that you cannot read a totally biased review stop reading now.

I know a lot of you don't like to read nowadays, so I will attempt to keep it short and do it in chapters for you, so that you can take your time and read chapter at a time.


I was recently informed by someone that the publicity for Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) was not very good as lots of people had not heard about it, so just in case you are one of them I thought it best to let you know what AFWL is. However if you are of African descent, love fashion and live in the UK and have not heard of AFWL – you need to get out more and get some friends.

I have no intention of writing something from my head about what AFWL is about, so being honest I just went to the website and copied what AFWL is about – "Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) is the biggest African event of its kind in Africa. A collaborative fashion exhibition, highlighting the industry's established and emerging African designers, AFWL is at the forefront of capturing the surge of the African inspired trends in the fashion industry. Our annual event aims to celebrate the work of African and African inspired designers in the UK and worldwide". In short, it is a fashion week and exhibition that showcases African or African inspired designers/exhibitors – the last bit was written by me – not a bad summation, even if I say so myself.

Now let's get to the juicy bits.

Chapter One - Fittings

I arrived in the UK about a week before the show, "hold on wait a minute" (not sure if you know that phrase in a famous song – you need to say it like that if you know the song – I am not telling you what it is, go figure it out), I am sure you do not think that I just started work on the show a week before the event, trust me I have been working on the event for the past 9 months.

Normally I would be in town much earlier but there is just so much going on in Nigeria that I could not leave any earlier, so I get straight into town and start the fittings. We had two very intensive days of fittings. Let me break it down for you 40 plus models, 20 plus styling team, and over 65 designers to fit in two days that is a lot of work. Now I am not really talking about the actual fittings I am talking about it is a lot of work to deal with sooooooo many women. Thank you Lord for patience, by his grace I got through it - JUST!

Before I go on, to all the men that are reading this and are envious of me that I am around all these women and you have the wrong kind of thoughts going through your one track mind – behave - but more importantly you need to bear two things in mind –

One, for me it's like being a doctor – no big deal (stop calling me a liar) and two, most of you men as bad as you think you are, you know you can't handle two women at the same time, so imagine me having to deal with over 100 different women and every single one of them thinks she is something special (before I get into any trouble, ladies you were all very special – hopefully by saying this I have escaped with my life).

We had a few drama's but we got it done. Before I go onto chapter two I must talk about my fantastic Nigerian designers, i am referring to those that came from Nigeria not Nigerian designers that live in the UK. We are in season 3 of AFWL, so I now know the score, so when I was scheduling the fittings I moved most of the Nigerian designers that were coming from Nigeria all to the same day and I warned the team of what to expect and they did not disappoint me.

Despite them being sent the model board and them picking their models in advance, they arrived on the day and completely changed all of their models, I should ask for money back for my ink and all the wasted paper from printing off their model lists. it does not stop there, I had some designer that were given a fitting slot for Tuesday afternoon and they arrived on Wednesday evening – I am not joking I had a few like that. I had one designer who called me at 10am and said she would be there in the hour and she arrived at 7.30pm – for those of you that know me well – you already know what happened, before I even say it. I said sorry I can't do your fitting you need to come back the following morning at 8am and if you are late I won't fit you and you won't do the show.

Thats right, yes she was on time the next morning. Some of the designers were extremely rude, but I do understand why they were so and that cos they were trained by Alexander McQueen and are making millions of pounds every month. I say no more. As expected the second day of fittings was extremely more stressful. as i say this i must also be fair and say not all the designers took 2 hours to fit when they were only alloted 30 minutes and a number of them were on time, extremely professional and very well prepared.

It would not be fair to only say the designers were divas, as some of the models were no better and I had to ask a few to leave and the number one reason is this - you are booked to do a job and you take it voluntarily, no one held a gun to your head and then you arrive at the fitting and tell me that you want to leave by 3pm (we were to finish by 6pm), so that you can go to another casting – it's a bit like you being at work and telling your boss that instead of leaving work at 6pm you want to leave at 3pm so that you can start your other job early but you still expect your boss to pay you for the 3 hours that you are working somewhere else – I don't think so. The good thing is after sending a couple of models home we were left with the best and the two days of fittings went smoothly.

Chapter Two – Backstage

On the Thursday the day started very early for everyone as we had to be at the Old Truman Brewery (the venue) by 8.30am. The day started with some fittings for the designers that missed their fitting slot earlier in the week, then onto hair and makeup. As for me I was putting the final touches to the set design, sound and lighting working with the technical team and making sure everything was on point. I also did a walk through with the models and ensured they knew their routines and would walk like top models, we also did some filming for Arise TV which went out live. Hair was done by Mizani (L'Oreal – I know some of you would know that name better) and makeup was by Fashion Fair which was led by my main man Mr Gorgeous. So I had a great team behind me.

Throughout the entire 3 days of shows we had numerous film crews doing interviews and it seemed like 100's of photographers were always backstage taking pictures. Backstage this year was great as we had plenty of space so it was far easier to work and Malaika Mwaniki our head stylist was super well organised and ran it like a military camp.

Chapter Three – The Show

Our first show was at 4pm on the Thursday and the last show was at 8.30pm on the Saturday, throughout the 3 days we had 10 different shows and showcased over 60 plus designers. The range of designers was vast and the catwalk was an array of colours and styles ranged from street, to swimwear, to couture and was a mixture of student, new, aspiring and established designers. the youngest designer being 14 year old Tumisola Ladega, designers came from across the world including Switzerland, Zambia, Ghana, USA, Nigeria, the UK and South Africa. South Africa sent over a fantastic delegation of 9 of their best designers and in addition AFWL was privileged to have the phenomenal Thula Sindi showcase and it was nice working with one of Nigeria's hottest designers Zizi Cardow. I try not to mention designers individually but I loved working with Didi Creations, Moofa and Steve Mandy Designs who actually created a hand painted dress live on the catwalk whilst his collection was being showcased.

However in terms of producing a show, for me the one that I had most fun with and the designer that took it to another level in terms of the production of her designs, the thought behind her original music and me putting the finishing touches to her show was Elegante by tiannahstyling. It was one of the best shows I produced throughout AFWL and based on feedback, those that saw the show were blown away.

AFWL received press from across the world and was featured on the BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Arise TV, the Flyer Newspaper, Naija Swagger and so many more media outlets, way too many to mention.

I must briefly talk about the music which was produced by AFWL music director Dj Homeboy of Homdiggy Muzik one of the top music production companies in the country, he had people on their feet throughout the whole show and people did not want the after party to end.

Chapter Four – What Else?

There was just so much going on, in terms of the exhibition – I managed to go round the exhibition area on the Saturday and I was amazed at the array of clothes, bags, shoes, food and services that were on display. The exhibition area was lively and vibrant, with music being played by DJ Abass. The women (and men) were dressed to kill and made sure that they would be noticed and they were. I saw men suffering from double vision as they did not know where to look when it came to the women that were at AFWL and those attending with their wives were being slapped around the head for comitting lookery.

This was generally a stress free show (not that any show can really be stress free) but I did not shout much and I think we had it locked down in terms of producing the show.

Chapter Five - The Dorchester

I bet some of you thought that it ended at the Old Turman Brewery on the Saturday, it did not as on the Sunday we had the African Arts & Fashion Exhibition which was a prestigious gala event hosted by AFWL life patron Princess Fifi Ejindu. The stars were out in force with the likes of Alexandra Burke, Bianca Jagger, June Sarpong, Nadia Buari, super model Noella Musunka, Singer Shingai Shoniwa, Misha B and was hosted by Sky TV presenter Lukwesa Burak and a great performance by the CEO Dancers, everyone seems to love them.

The event could not be complete without a fashion show which featured 8 of Africa's hottest designers – Zizi Cardow, Thula Sindi, Adebayo Jones, Sally Itiego, Moofa, Ella & Gabby, Gisella Boutique and Kitiko.

It was a very glamorous affair with a sumptuous three course dinner, I can only say that it looked sumptuous as I didn't get to eat any of it, but it looked good and it definitely made me hungry. I cant believe I did an event at the Dorchester and did not get to eat – Ronke I am upset oh.

Overall AFWL was amongst the best events I have produced in recent times and I must commend Ronke Ademiluyi the founder of AFWL and her team for a fantastic job that they did. More importantly she must be given credit for assisting designers that would not normally be given the chance to showcase at an international standard fashion week and she was able to bring the eyes of the world to the event.

Check out the album below as well as the different pictures and comments on my FACEBOOK PAGE – feel free to leave your comments.

Chapter Six

It's enough now, go and do something else I am tired.
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Thursday, 25 July 2013 13:31

Unity - A Concert For Stephen Lawrence

29th September 2013 – The O2 Arena. Rita Ora & Beverley Knight join line up which already includes Emeli Sande, Rizzle Kicks, Labrinth, Plan B, Jamie Cullum, Jessie j, Tinie Tempah, Rudimental, Ed Sheeran & Soul ii Soul.
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It's been a very long day and night, that is Sunday 30th June, for those of you that are reading my blog days or weeks after I wrote it, which by the way is not on as you should be reading it the day I posted it.

I hope you have your cup of tea or coffee besides you or for those of you that drink something stronger a glass of beer or a shot of brandy or I know the women love Baileys as this is going to be a little bit of a long one, don't worry you can read it like a novel by keep coming back to it till you finish it.

After spending the afternoon at the Nigerian Television Fashion Show I drove down to Eko Hotel for the Ebony Life TV launch event, but before I get into that I must tell you that sometimes I feel that I just don't have enough time in the day running from one event to another. Being a forward thinker I took the clothes that I needed for the Ebony Life event with me, so as I was driving from Oregun to the Island I was changing in the car (please do not try this at home, this was done by a qualified, highly trained, seasoned change in my car whilst driving professional).

As I was involved in the initial planning of the event I was eager to see how it turned out, as halfway through I had to go off and do another event. Before I get into the nitty gritty I must tell you what my journey was like trying to get a ticket for the event. I am not yet a mega star in Nigeria so I had to beg for a ticket (me I no get shame, so I will say it as it is), I called all my hot contacts and the movers and shakers of Lagos and not one of them was able to get me a ticket – me I have a long memory oh, I won't forget – just joking. In the end it was actually someone who is not even Nigerian who sorted me out – thank you know whom you are.

My blog style may have a bit of Nigerian English in it, so you better start getting use to pigeon English, where appropriate I will translate. Me I have luck oh – can you see I have started saying "OH" a lot – its pronounced "O" with a lot of emphasis on the "O"and with a Nigerian accent – try it. Back to why I have luck, I had arranged to meet my dear sister Mandi and her husband at the entrance and as we arrived we met Bobby Taylor who did all the PR for the event and Bobby just escorted us to her table and we had one of the best views in the hall. Bobby if you are reading this, you love the good life (by the way Bobby is female), even though I don't drink she made sure the bubbly was constantly flowing, if I did drink they would have had to carry me out as I would have been paralytic. Thank you bobby for taking care of me, another one of my mega stars (however I will forever remember you did not get me a ticket) but you more than made up for that.

I have to set the scene for you of the event, by the way stop being impatient – I can hear you saying that you have not even mentioned what the event is about – CLUE, it's in the title. The reason why I have to set the scene is because unlike some of you I don't have a fantastic camera and can show you the event in picture form, all I have is my crappy BB camera phone and as you can see below the pictures that came out are as crappy as the phone. At some point I will go and steal some pictures from other people's sites and post them here, I am only joking before some of you photographers or website owners try and sue me for copyright infringement or theft. One day I will be able to afford an expensive camera.

I wanted to write the piece like a Jeffery Archer novel but I know you don't have much patience, I can already hear some of you saying get to the point. It was warm rainy night in Lagos and the roads were awash with big jeeps, SUV's, Bentleys (yes I saw a Bentley), lots of armed policemen and men and women dressed to kill, every conceivable foreign and Nigerian designer was well represented and just at that event alone, the women paid for Gucci's new apartment.

I better state what the event was about now before I go on. The Ebony Life TV launch was an event to mark the launch of Nigeria's first ever truly global entertainment TV network founded by the Oprah Winfrey of Africa – Mo Abudu. At this point as I am writing I am standing up typing and clapping for Mo at the same time (I am among the few men in the world that can multi task). Her achievement at launching the channel is no small fete and she should be truly commended for this phenomenal achievement. PS I am not getting paid for this endorsement, just being honest. The channel itself launched on channel 165 on DSTV at midnight on 1st July and looking at some of the clips of some of its programmes it looks like it's going to be a very exciting channel to watch.

The Event

Now you know what it was about, let me tell you some of the people that were there, be prepared it's going to be a long list – of course myself Mr Mahogany, at least 3 full-fledged ministers, Governor of Cross Rivers state Senator Liyel Imoke and the ex-governor of Cross Rivers state Donald Duke, Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine, my good friend Eryca Freemantle, Mr FAB of FAB Magazine, Face of Sleek & now Actress Makeda, Alexander Amusu, Bukky - OAP (On Air Personality), I like her and am looking forward to working with her, Rita Dominic, Tuface, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Banky W, Zaina, Mo Easy, Tiwa Savage, Deola Sagoe, Kate Henshaw, Onyeka Onwenu, Ruth Osime, editor of This Style Magazine, MI (Mister Incredible), Omowunmi, Sir Victor Uwaifo and so many more. Sorry I am tired I am stopping here, my brain is not like it used to be and I can't remember everyone. If you are a non Nigerian you may not know most of the people I mentioned, but trust me they are famous.

It started with a jazz cocktail reception, sadly the event itself started very late and slightly went on for too long so a lot of people started leaving before it finished but I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves until they decided to leave. It was hosted by Dolapo Oni formerly of Studio 53 Extra who has recently joined Ebony Life TV as an anchor of the hit show Moments with Mo and her co-host was one of Nigeria's premium stars Darey Art Alade. There were a number of boring speeches that were drier than the Sahara Desert but I guess the bills have to be paid, I did enjoy the speech by Steve Forbes very inspirational and he spoke about the upward trend of the entertainment industry in Africa similar to my talk and topic at Cambridge University a couple of weeks ago. I expect to see Mo Abudu listed in Forbes Africa if not Forbes the world as the most influential African woman in entertainment, sorry Omo Sexy (Omotola Jalade Ekeinde) but their is a contender for your title.

The theme of the evening was old meets new Banky W performed with the legendary Ebenezer Obey and also with Tiwa Savage, Onyeka Onwenu with Omowunmi and Deola Sagoe showed 25 years of fashion from the days of her grandmother Odua Creations to her label, Deola Sagoe and the new generation CLAN, the fashion label run by her daughters. Ebony Life also recognised a number of people that have contributed to the Nigerian entertainment industry including my lifetime friend Deola Sagoe for her contribution to fashion – one day I go receive my own award oh.

I have to stop here as even I am getting bored and it's getting too long. Overall it was a great night out, super networking and truly a momentous occasion with the launch of Nigeria's truly first global entertainment television network.

Mo I expect my cheque in the post for this super-hot review.

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Sunday, 30 June 2013 19:27

Mahogany Arrives Safely In Nigeria...

Yes it me writing a blog after such a long break, it's not my fault as I have been overwhelmed with work in Nigeria.

Yes that is Nigeria in Africa, there is so much going on here so I decided to come out here and see if I can get a slice of the action.

Well I took the short flight from London to Lagos in November of last year and since then I have not looked back.

Before I go on I do need to say that Mahogany is still a thriving business in the UK and the rest of Africa and I am in and out of the UK every month.

I know some of you are jealous of the jet setters life I live - its ok I feel you. Who would not be jealous of me working in constant sunshine, flying around the world and living it up in the best hotels - even I am jealous of me.

Since being here, I have done or been involved in some great events including the Face of Fashion for Africa that took place in the Gambia, the one of a kind Darey Art Alade, Love Like A Movie where I got to meet Kim Khardasian (she is much shorter than I thought).

Mr Mahogany escorting Kim Khardasian

Beyond Music was amongst the biggest music concerts I have done in recent times and it featured top Nigerian gospel artist like Timi Dakolo, Tim Godfrey and the Lagos Community Gospel Choir.

Its nice being able to work with the likes of Whizkid, Tuface, Tiwa Savage, Waje, Mo Easy, Zaina, Basketmouth, Ali Baba, IK, Dr Sid, Naeto. C - I could go on and on, but I have now worked with nearly all of the industry greats in Nigeria including top Nollywood actors.

I know this seems like self praise but I am just updating you as to what I have been up to and not boasting. Well Ok I am boasting a little bit but you can't blame me when I get to work on and go to the Africa Magic Peoples Choice Awards, Ebonylife TV launch event and so much more. I think you have an idea of what my life is like here so I will stop now.

PS don't get it twisted Nigeria is not all fun and glory, its a lot of hard work and a very challenging environment, in later blogs I will let you know what it is really like working in Nigeria, trust me I have stories and Nigeria is not for the faint hearted.

Mr Mahogany with top nigerian movie director Kunle afolayan
Eddie kadi at the africa magic peoples choice awards
Africa magic peoples chouce awards - pictures features femi kuti Mr Mahogany
Mr Mahogany
Mr Mahogany 

Before I go I would like to say a massive thank you to Funmi Victor Okibo of No Surprises Events, Fiona Ramsey the COO of Soul Muzik and my good friend Eryca Freemantle and of course MBD, you all know what you have done - THANK YOU! 
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Friday, 10 May 2013 11:35

Met Ball 2013

Highlights from fashions most glamorous night and how you can get your hands on them

Last weekend saw the worlds A-list descending on New York to attend the most glamorous event in their calendars, the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Costume Institute Gala.

Red carpet glitz and glamour got an edgy twist with this year's theme, "PUNK: Chaos to Couture" and the stars didn't shy away at the chance to play dress-up.

Topshop made a collection of custom-made dresses for the event that were worn by guests and will be available to buy later this year. Designed and made at Topshop's design HQ in London, the gowns were worn by Nicole Richie, Jaime King, Jourdan Dunn, Ashley Madekwe and Julianna Hough. The collection will go on sale this September and will retail from $465 to $775 (at current exchange rate), a bargain for a red-carpet ready gown. The dresses sit within Topshop Limited Edition range and will be available in small quantities at stores in New York, LA and London and on I think this is a great idea and will spark a new trend.

Here are my fashion highlights from the night:
Miley Cyrus chose a Marc Jacobs dress, Prada shoes and Eddie Borgo jewellery. I was expecting her do go over the top, so was happy when I saw her in this great dress.

Elizabeth Banks dazzled in an Atelier Versace dress with Brian Atwood shoes and bag and Kara Ross jewellery.

Jennifer Lawrence kept her look simple in a Christian Dior dress and jewellery, Brian Atwood heels and a Jennifer Behr headband.

Madonna wore an attention seeking outfit by Givenchy, paired with Casadei shoes. When will she learn that less is more and please next time wear underwear!

Jessica Alba looked gorgeous in this dress by Tory Burch, jewellery by Jack Vartanian and Christian Louboutin shoes and bag.

Rita Ora looked amazing in custom made Thakoon, I love her hair and make-up.

Katy Perry wowed in this Dolce & Gabbana outfit complete with crown. 

Nina Dobrev looked amazing in this unique custom Monique Lhuillier dress and Rupert Sanderson shoes. She accessorized with a Kimberly McDonald ring, and Edie Parker clutch. I love her hair and make-up and think this is a great look for her. 

Miranda Kerr looked her usual sexy self in this cut off Michael Kors dress and Tabitha Simmons shoes. She accessorized with Cartier jewellery, and spiky Christian Louboutin bag. 

Karolina Kurkova was eye catching in this sexy Mary Katrantzou outfit. 

Mary-Kate Olsen chose an interesting ensemble for this year's event, choosing a vintage Chanel Haute Couture dress, vintage fur Balmain jacket, Louis Vuitton shoes and Sidney Garber earrings.

Ashley Olsen was a vision of orange in this striking vintage Christian Dior Haute Couture gown with Monolo Blahnik heels and Sidney Garber earrings.

Anne Hathaway showcased her new blonde hair and paired it with vintage Valentino circa 1992.

Cameron Diaz stood out in Stella McCartney, I love the simplicity of the silhouette and the spiked gold belt. 

Gwyneth Paltrow wore a pink Valentino dress and Wilfredo Rosado earrings. I don't think this dress shows off or flatters her amazing figure and think she could have rocked something more daring and edgy. I find the hair and make-up boring as well. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Kim wore a Riccardo Tisci dress, gloves and shoes with Lorraine Schwartz jewellery. I don't know where to start with this ensemble... the dress is bad enough but why she chose to pair it with matching shoes and glove I don't know. She apparently had a last minute change of outfit after her original dress showed too much of her arms. It couldn't have been worse than this, she needs to embrace her arms and invest in a new maternity wardrobe. Fast.

Kristen Stewart wore a burgundy Stella McCartney all in one. I love the outfit but it's not flattering on Kristen and I don't like the shoes with it either. 

Sarah Jessica Parker went all out in an extravagant Giles Deacon dress, Philip Treacy punk couture hat, Fred Leighton and Repossi jewellery, Giles Deacon bag, and Louboutin boots. I don't love the clashing patterns of the dress and boots but she gets full points for effort.


Beyonce  went all out in head to toe Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci with this eye catching gown with matching knee-high boots and gloves. 

All pictures by Evan Agostini

Written by Rose Humble 

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May brings us the 66th Cannes Film Festival and the excitement is growing as new details emerge by the day.
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