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Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi

Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi share foundational values of Hawaiian culture to its audience through art and design. Created by world renowned Hula Master Kumu Micah Kamohoaliʻi his line of clothing strives to educate in the ways of Hawaiian designs, metaphoric imagery, cultural significance with strong symbolisms and interpretations.

Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi encompass Hawaiʻiʻs natural environments and honour the excellence and brilliance of the Hawaiian people. Kamohoaliʻi’s passion for art led him into graphic design and his family’s legacy in Hawaiian bark cloth (Kapa) led him into fashion. While merging these two elements the birthing of this company was formed. Dezigns By Kamohoalii feature layers of ʻike kuʻuna or traditional Hawaiian knowledge imbedded in each design and inspired by his family’s mastery skills of with bark clothing pounding, bamboo stamping, and tattooing.

We honour the breath of life from our Kupuna by perpetuating, preserving, and retelling our ancient stories in the designs we wear on our clothing.

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