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How To Latte Makeup, Everyone's Cup Of Beauty

The 'new' makeup trend taking the socials by storm is a comfortable break from 2023's sensational looks. Sit down and sip a 'Latte Makeup'.

woman wearing natural makeup by bennie lukas besterPh. Bennie Lukas Bester via Pexels

When your favourite coffee is your go-to makeup look, you get the 'Latte Makeup': the hottest beauty trend everyone can order. Try it out as seen on TikTok.


The 'siren eyes' look was too graphic to start your journey with makeup, and the 'revisited grunge' reminds you of a post-sleepless-night morning? Welcome the makeup trend made for everyone: the Latte Makeup.

The TikTok-Viral Latte Makeup: The Secret To Its Success

When content creator Rachel Rigler launched her Tiktok and coined the term 'latte makeup' – now on everyone's lips and faces – she might have wished to get viral. And so it did happen. Inspired by the 2018 bronzed goddess look by makeup artist Tanielle Jai, the Latte makeup is not only the hottest 'drink' in town but also the most democratic makeup trend seen so far this year. It flatters every skin tone and it is easy to achieve with minimal products and effort making it the go-to look. No matter the occasion, your time available or your practical skills, you can try the latte makeup trend and fall in love with it.

How To Create The Perfect Blend Of Latte Makeup: Your Choice of Roast

The Latte Makeup is inviting like your coffee: after a couple of tiktoks or reels, you are undoubtedly going to look for the perfect roast (of eyeshadow and bronzer) in your stash.

Keys to your latte makeup are your face base and choice of eyeshadows. Start off with a healthy sunkissed canvas, whether you opt for full coverage or a wash of tinted moisturiser. Right after, go with creamy sculpting products to chisel the hollows of your cheeks, your temples and where you need more definition. Your bronzer will set in place the cream texture and it will create the result of sunbathing days in some cool resorts. A gentle sweep of warm highlighter the browbone, bridge of your nose and cupid bow is what you need next for that happy glow.

@rachelrigler LATTE MAKEUP ✨☕️ cheers :) #makeup #makeuptrends #beauty #lattemakeup #summermakeup #makeuphacks #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Rachel Rigler

Latte makeup is not a flat white: it is only based on a monochromatic range of browns but it will never look flat! Play on the same tone range of brown and warm it up as your skin tone darkens. Your nuances will be neutral to warm and you can go matte or shimmer, but avoid cold hues.

Latte Makeup For Your Eyes

The beauty of latte makeup is in its extreme simplicity. Forget the pain of creating the sharpest wing, this is about blending and adding glow. Once you have found your range of nude, caramels or browns, you will find yourself blending and layering, even with your fingers.

You can create a base for your latte shades with your sculping product, a creamy eyeshadow or a workable eye crayon. A creamy eye pencil is a perfect choice because it will allow you to define the lash line and start building your base and intensity at once. Smudge it towards the outer corner to diffuse the colour, then start layering your complementary brown shades and go darker in your crease for more definition.

The fun bit is placing your highlighter. Think of it as the microfoam of your latte: without it, it would not be a real barista's creation! As seen on Steph Hui's tiktok, a hyper-reflective, almost fluid, highlighter in the inner corner and the very first portion of your mobile eyelid will elevate your latte eye look. Swipe a bit of your first latte shade under your lower waterline and complete the job with your favourite mascara.

@stxph.h one oat latte with caramel drizzle to go please ☕️ #lattemakeup #lattemakeuplook #makeuptutorial Products: - YSL Crush Liner (brown & black) - Too Faced Ginger Snap Palette - MAC amber times nine palette - Chanel Beauty Baume Essential Multi Use Stick (transparent) - Lancome Lash Idole Mascara #greenscreen ♬ original sound - stephhui

You can wear the latte trend on your lips too: contour your lips just above your natural lip line with a medium brown lip pencil, partially fill your lips with the same pencil and top it off with a light caramel lip gloss for a mouthwatering look.

You will soon find out that you have already the shades you need for this universal look. Many eyeshadow palettes feature versatile nudes and browns, so you do not have to look any further to wear this trendy look.

If you ask us, we enjoyed Pure Anada Dreamy Compact Palette (£29.95) and Vesta London Beauty Nude Lip Gloss Edition Bundle (£40), where there is the right nude for every skin tone.

The Latte Trand On Your Fingertips

The Latte trend looks universally beautiful on your nails, whether you have an evenly milky complexion or tanned skin. Hydrating and keeping your cuticles tidy is a must also with neutral manicures, so take care of them and prep your nails to strengthen them and avoid any stains. Apply a light caramel or nude shade like plant-based Earthy Nail Polish in Moody Nude (£7.99) in thin layers.

Wear it on its own or add a dark French twist or some swirls like the foam of your drink but colour-reversed. Seal your manicure with your favourite top coat so that it lasts longer than your cup of latte.

Easy, fast, highly wearable, fun and, above all, for everyone: this is why we love the 'latte makeup' trend.

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The 'No Makeup Makeup’ is your way to look naturally fresh around the clock, your trick to get ready in a snap and a riding TikTok trend with over 918 million video views. Achieving this minimal look becomes an effortless art with Pearl Beauty.

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Want tips to achieve the coverage you need on your hotter dates booked this summer? We know and desperately want to avoid the common pitfalls of melting globs of eyeliner and oil build up. If that already sounds like your worst nightmare, then keep reading. We got your back.

We share some hacks that address the heat of your destination, whilst feeling confident your makeup will not be letting you down.

We will be honest, if you want real peace of mind, you should consider rocking a natural look, even for the beach and boat parties. But don't worry, we’ll show you how and top secrets when packing for your travels.
The best way to make your makeup sweat-proof is to choose the right products and wear less makeup concentrating on skincare. Summer holidays on beaches are incredibly relaxing and so much more accessible as restrictions have been lifted.

1. Choose The Products Carefully

Choose waterproof products and special summer products before the season. Switch to oil-free moisturisers during the daytime to control melting makeup. Choose toners and serums with extra hydro-boost during summer to better moisturise. Selecting products with SPF of more than 30 helps you get protection from the sun. It is better to use less makeup and soak the skin in aloe vera and rosewater when on vacation. Don’t worry too much about any acne or imperfections on your face while on holiday. The fresh air will dry out acne and salt water does wonders!

Avoid bronzer and highlighter as it will give a sweaty look on your T-zone, and try to brush light pink on those areas.

2. Waterproof Eye Makeup And Milk Soaked Cotton Pads, Yes We Said Milk!

Use a good foundation and give the skin some rest from heavy makeup during your holidays. Avoid wearing winged liners or eyeliners in summer, and go with thick false lashes and mascara. It avoids the black goo spreading underneath the eyes after a few hours. Wear DIY waterproof fake lashes and mascara to get the best results during summer or beach holidays. Lilac St, Trish McEvoy, Eylure, and Sweed offer top-quality thick lashes. Clean your eyes at the end of the day with cotton soaked in milk to remove all the impurities and keep the sensitive area hydrated.

3. Experiment With Your Skin, Its As Unique As You Are

A moisturiser every celebrity swears by, might make you extra sweaty because our skin type is unique. A foundation that makes your friend look like a queen might melt in no time on your skin. Experiment with products that suit your skin during the summer and check which product
makes you sweat less. If you feel the products like serums and day creams irritate the skin, mix a small quantity of them with aloe gel and apply it on the face. It will control the harsh chemicals harming your sensitive skin, and you can still reap the benefits of high-end summer makeup. Try the waterproof versions of top makeup products to test whether they suit your skin during summer beach holidays.

4. Sweat-proof Tips- Primer Is Key To Set The Canvas

Many occasions require you to wear sweat-proof makeup, like summer weddings, special beach parties, and that holiday with your loved one on a romantic retreat. The best way to start is with a good primer before the foundation to make the makeup last long. Airbrush primers are the best because you can spray them to get an even coat on the face. Wear the primer on the eyelids before applying eye shadow to make it last long without smudging. Use a dusting powder with sunscreen on your face for touch up to control sweating. Choose a dewy makeup finish instead of too much shine, and go for more vibrant shades of pink and brown.

5. Things To Remember, Go Lighter Without Compromise

Red lipstick and deep-colored eye shadows or cheek tints are great for a party but not in summer. Use the same stain on your cheek and as eyeshadow to get a no-makeup, natural pinkish glow in summer. The pink contouring technique is best for spring and summer rather than getting shiny cheekbones that make your face look extra oily. Avoid using too many products in summer and choose products that serve many purposes at once. Tinted moisturisers avoid the need for foundation, and you don’t need a concealer with a sheer cover primer. Less makeup product usage automatically creates a natural look suitable for vacation and controls sweat.

6. Secrets For Non-sweaty Summer Makeup

-Always swap your costly lipstick for a lighter lip stain that goes well with any lip balm.
-Use a rose water-based setting spray and spritz often to avoid dullness on the face.
-Avoid powder blush and go for cheek stains in summer as they will not dissolve in the sweat quickly and last for a long time.
-Buy travel-sized products to check which one suits your skin first before investing too much in costly skincare or makeup.
-Touch up regularly and use blotting paper on your face to suck up extra oil before applying dusting powder.

It's about preparing the skin first, with good products and blending with natural ingredients to help them absorb and adapt to the conditions.
Are you already following these hacks? Share your selfie or beauty routine on instagram with us! @fashionsfinestuk #summerskinready

More beauty advice this way.

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Beauty in 2022? Tia Roqaa's exclusive predictions

No crystal ball is needed to predict the biggest beauty trends for next year! We have Tia Roqaa, beauty expert and founder of beauty subscription box Roccabox, doing the job for us and sharing her expertise.

2022 Beauty industry trends - Ph. Ron Lach, PexelsPh. Ron Lach, Pexels

What has the beauty industry in store for us in 2022? Roccabox founder and CEO, Tia Roqaa, foresaw the hottest beauty trends we will see and wear next year.

Tia knows well which products and beauty trends will be hot next and you should not be surprised by her foresight. Tia Roqaa is a real beauty expert, a woman who turned her passion for cosmetics and experience in PR into a curated and elegant beauty experience. In this blog, Tia delighted us with her 2022 beauty predictions.


Inclusive beauty and no-gender makeup. Ph. Rodnae Productions, PexelsPh. Rodnae Productions, Pexels

“Inclusivity across beauty is really gaining pace, which is great to see. From race to gender, identity to ability, the beauty scene is finally responding to our very unique sets of needs and we’re seeing certain brands becoming genuinely more inclusive – rather than just talking the talk. It’s a conversation consumers have been having behind the scenes for a while, and it’s great to see brands are joining the narrative. At Roccabox we champion and support this movement, having already worked with some beauty brands such as Jecca Blac – a gender-free make-up collection that’s truly authentic and innovative in its brand mission of inclusivity.


Scalp-care and beauty products trends 2021. Image courtesy of RoccaboxImage courtesy of Roccabox

“There are plenty of trends within the clean beauty movement that show signs of becoming even bigger and more exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing waterless products grow and innovate. Waterless products are products where the water has been removed which make them more sustainable. Water within a product requires a preservative to prevent bacteria from forming, so immediately you’re taking away the need for this preservative, making a cleaner product. You’re also reducing the need for plastic packaging, making them naturally more environmentally friendly. The result is a formula that is more potent as it’s undiluted.

I also love the growing trend for emo-beauty: products that have an additional impact on our emotional wellbeing as they perform their beauty function. It’s a beauty space with so much potential: in fact, we’re planning a limited edition emo-beauty Roccabox for 2022. I also think our fairly recent interest in scalp-care and our shift in perspective on the importance of treating our scalp for better hair health will continue to grow.

Trends To Leave In 2021

TikTok will remain a fun outlet for showing off beauty tips but I don’t think the beauty trends emerging on the platform will continue to hold much weight. They provided a fun distraction during the 2021 misery of lockdowns but I think in 2022 as lives get busy again we will leave those behind.”

Blue Light

Blue light skin care and 2022 beauty industry trend - Image courtesy of RoccaboxImage courtesy of Roccabox

“Just as we came to understand how the sun damages our skin, and now protect it daily, it’s time to now consider other ways our living environment is impacting our skin and how to better protect it. We work in such a technological era - we’re sat in front of multiple screens for most of the day - so it’s time to adapt our skincare to protect ourselves from its potentially skin-damaging effects. Blue light is now proven to increase inflammation, prevent collagen production, and increase hyperpigmentation, particularly in darker skin tones. Both mainstream and smaller niche brands have already brought out some great protective products but I think we will soon start to see blue light protection added commonly to our daily moisturiser – in the same way, SPF is often added. I also think additional protective products, such as serums that offer blue light protection will become far more available, with brands offering us greater choice.”

Nostalgia Beauty

Lipglass - '90s nostalgia beauty and glossy lips. Image courtesy of RoccaboxImage courtesy of Roccabox

“The emerging makeup nostalgia trends seem to be all about being as extra as possible: I think it’s a natural reaction to us all socialising again, and wearing all the make-up we sent into hibernation for a year! In 2022 I think we will see elements from different decades that favour high-octane glamour, look-at-me colour and playful looks. So for example high-shine plastic-looking glossy lips will be huge next year: a look that is borrowed from the ‘90s, ‘80s and the disco ‘70s. High-shine nude, lacquered red, vinyl berry tones: we’ll see it all next Spring. Victoria Beckham does a great line in super-glossy clear lip gloss, which we’ve been raving over at Roccabox, as does Fenty Beauty. I also love MAC’s range of lip glosses, including their classic Lipglass.”

Less Is More

“For many reasons, we’re seeing consumers looking to scale down their skincare and reduce the amount of products they use. We’re craving a ‘less is more’ approach to skincare right now and I believe this will continue. It’s going to call the beauty industry into creating more streamlined product lines, for sure, but just because we’re favouring a more simple and more gentle approach to skincare doesn’t mean we don’t expect to see the same results. So I expect brands will create more hybrid multi-functional products and will create cleaner formulas to reduce the chemical load we’re applying to our skin.”

Shopping Online

Shopping online and 2022 beauty industry trends. Image courtesy of RoccaboxImage courtesy of Roccabox

“The online beauty shopping experience has definitely improved - online beauty retailers really had to up their game over these last 18 months and now shopping for both make-up and skincare online is no longer as challenging as it once was. Ingredients-search tools are always a handy way to navigate skincare purchasing and a good starting point for skincare shopping. Sites with visible independent reviews of products play an important role too, as customers often want to know how other consumers found the product in real life.

Colour-matching can be tricky online but I’ve seen some really innovative and effective colour-matching options on independent brand websites – the ‘find my shade’ option on ILIA’s website for example is particularly effective: it cleverly gives examples of hair and eye colour, as well as undertone, to help you determine your most seamless skin tone match.”

In 2022, the beauty industry will continue along the path toward inclusivity and holistic wellbeing seen during the pandemic. How Roccabox will reflect the new state of things in 2022? We asked Tia again...

Tia Roqaa, CEO and founder of Roccabox. Image courtesy of RoccaboxImage courtesy of Roccabox

Roccabox 2022

“We’ve confirmed some of my personal favourite brands for 2022 – including Murad and Oskia. We have some incredible limited edition boxes in the pipeline – I can’t reveal much but they include some brand exclusives with a handful of hero brands that I think many of our customers will be really surprised to see! Our monthly boxes will continue to introduce our customers to really effective, results-driven skincare brands. This will include cosmeceutical brands, such as Doctors Formula, which we’ve already started to introduce our customers to – their products are second to none for seeing a genuine change in your skin. We know our customers might not otherwise have discovered this type of beauty brand, or they might have been reluctant to invest in their products given their higher price point, so we think what we do and whom we introduce customers to is really important.

We also plan to introduce our customers to the skincare ingredients that are set to be huge in 2022 – niacinamide is one that springs to mind – with ingredient-focused products that our team of experts have chosen for our boxes because they truly live up to the hype. I’m also really excited about the themes of our boxes for next year: I don’t want to give away any spoilers but the concepts we’ve chosen really tap into what customers are looking for in their beauty purchases right now.”

Meanwhile, In This Month's Roccabox...

December 2021 Roccabox 'Winter Wishlist' - Image courtesy of RoccaboxImage courtesy of Roccabox

December Roccabox is the editors' wishlist in a box. This month's beauty box contains three full-sized products from brands Laritzy, Doctors Formula and Figs & Rouge, and two deluxe mini samples. This skincare and makeup chest is worth £180 and available for just £15. The beauty experts at Roccabox put these five products together after a year of testing and digging into the best and newest from the industry. December Roccabox 'Winter Wishlist' is all a beauty enthusiast would like for a glowy complexion ready to party and face the cold.

Roccabox monthly boxes and limited-edition boxes are available to purchase online starting from £15. (

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Beauty Trends Forecast from Fashions Finest's LFW

In the scenographic surroundings of St John's in Hyde Park, Fashions Finest's editorial team had a privileged sight on current trends and next Spring/Summer beauty forecast.

Fashions Finest LFW nail art trends. Nails by Julie Bryan. Ph. Valentina ChiricoNail art by Julie Bryan & team. Images by V. Chirico

Fashions Finest followed the makeup, hair styling and nail art teams during its LFW showcase to explore this season's most buzzed beauty trends. We had a look at what we should expect for next season, all in the making of the show.

A good old flick through popular magazines would be enough to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. What if you could have a close encounter with the style-makers and learn from the experts? Fashions Finest followed the teams led by Michelle Strain, Julie Bryan, and Amy Tasker on this mission. We popped behind the scenes during Fashions Finest's London Fashion Week event for a preview of next Spring/Summer trends and steal the best for your autumnal look straight from the catwalk.

Fashions Finest LFW SS22 hairstyle trends - 20s' finger waves. Hair styling by Amy Tasker &  team. Ph. Valentina ChiricoSS22: a 20s' touch with finger waves. Amy Tasker & team.

The warmer season will see sweet hairstyles doing their come back. 'I would expect to see volumised bouffants with textured raw hair keeping the hair feeling and looking natural, sleek wet hair with styled baby hair on the forehead giving a fresh youthful appearance and finger waves to create the 1920s' glamorous timeless appeal' says Amy Tasker, lead hairstylist.

Streetstyle and low-maintenance updos are totally in these autumn and winter months, helping us to be ready in a snap. In fact, 'the 70's shaggy look is back with the grown out middle-parted bangs and invisible layers. Box braids are really popular right now as well as random plaits throughout the hair', continues Amy.

Fashions Finest LFW behind the scene latest beauty trends. AW21 hairstyle trends. Amy Tasker & team. Ph. Valentina Chirico

If you feel it is time to make a change with a new hair colour, pick yours from the warm palette of the moment. 'The seasons most anticipated colours are Caramel, Honey and Gold adding more warmth into the hair. For brunettes, it's definitely Espresso and Chocolate creating more of richer look and image.' This is the expert's advice.

Whether is autumn or springtime, the very essential for your makeup look is within you: 'I think always - for every season - is just a really good skin', international makeup artist from AOFM London Michelle Strain recommends. 

Fashions Finest LFW beauty trends. Makeup by Michelle Strain & AOFM team. Ph. Valentina ChiricoSS22 makeup: bright colours. Makeup by Michelle Strain & AOFM team

The makeup seems to reflect the natural colour surrounding us, as Michelle continues: 'I think we are definitely going to get more, richer colours like very bright lips with deeper tones.'

In Spring/Summer 22, the inspiration for your makeup is just outside the window with 'pastels, beautiful pretty blossom type of colours, because this is obviously what comes through with the clothing. Nice pastel pinks, peachies, blues for the eyes. Just really nice, pretty colours.'
If the next season's colour scheme comes from Mother Nature and our refreshed wardrobe, you need to know that 'definitely just a nice, glow, fresh healthy skin is always the way forward'.'

Fashions Finest LFW behind the scene. Ph. Valentina Chirico

In winter/autumn nails tinge in sobriety. Julie Bryan, celebrities nail technician notices that 'people wear a lot of black in the autumn and winter. So I think the colour scheme, what we've done here today, will match autumn/winter and spring/summer. So we've got nudes: nude is going to be big as well. Loads of nudes.' As the days brighten up, so your nails do with 'a lot of neons again. They started to creep back in just as we went into lockdown. Lots of bright colours, which will be showcased in all fashion week.'

The models were sporting a rainbow of neons paired with gemstones applied as finger jewels. Without glue and rhinestones, this nail art is the idea to steal if you have some spare time for it! 'We've done the nails on the trend, so you have different neons on each end of the nail, painstakingly done', proudly points out Julie.

Fashions Finest LFW behind the scene beauty trends. Ph. Valentina Chirico

Every season has its colour but also its shapes too! This Autumn/Winter sees a drastic - very welcomed - change: 'coffins - some people call it coffins, some people call it 'ballerina' - that sort had its day, the nail trend that a lot of celebrities is going for is coming away from the acrylics and going more for the natural nail look.'

The beauty of nail art is in its everchanging nature, like the weather in the UK: 'the trend with nail art changes monthly, basically, so we had the mirror nails come and go, the chrome nails come and go. So it's using your own knowledge and your artistry... Just go with the flow! Don't make it too hard.'

Go with the flow, embrace natural shades and an effortless approach to hairstyling. Could you believe the catwalk was radiating so much naturalness?

More from our LFW behind the scenes? Follow Fashions Finest on Instagram.

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Hottest Beauty Trends All Around the World

Hottest Beauty Trends All Around the World result

According to statistics, only in Australia, more than 4.1 million beauty related images are saved on Pinterest each month.

In general, women all around the world are obsessed with both following and setting beauty trends. From pink hair to balayage and flawless naturally glowing skin, we're bringing the top beauty trends women from all over the globe are going crazy for this year.


Spain result

Dramatic eyelashes are one of the beauty trends Spanish women have had their eye on for quite some time. They say “the more dramatic the better”, so they’ve taken it a step further and decided to go with Russian volume eyelash extensions. Thanks to this technique, you can get super voluminous lashes by applying up to eight superfine extensions to a single eyelash.

When it comes to hair trends, an old-Hollywood style of creating voluminous waves is a major hit in Spain. The ladies are all about getting that ondas al agua, i.e. “waves of the water” that’ll give them that vintage yet sophisticated look.


France result

Buns are the talk of the town in France. Whether you’re a fan of messy buns or braided ones, you’ll rock either of the two equally amazing. Curtain bangs are also one of the hottest hair trends.

When it comes to makeup, French women fell in love with brown eyeshadow hues, which give them that naturally flawless look. However, they have also become a bit more interested in artistic makeup.

Women in France are not afraid to take a risk and experiment with their makeup in more ways than one. From dramatic eyeliners to bold neon colours of eyeshadow and lips, they’re taking the skill of maquillage to an entirely new level.


Australia result

Flawless skin is the number one beauty trend in the Land Down Under. Healthy, naturally radiant skin is all Australian women are interested in and they know just how to get it. From basic exfoliation, to various cosmetic treatments such as microdermabrasion and light chemical peels you can get in every well-respected beauty clinic in Sydney, your skin will be clear, bright and tight.

After achieving that flawless skin, Australian women prefer to only add a few touches to their face, to create the irreplaceable no-makeup makeup look, which makes them look fresh and beautiful without the use of too many makeup products.


Mexico result

Balayage is by far the hottest trend in Mexico. Even though it’s been a while since the crowd all over the globe went crazy for it a few years ago, this year its popularity in Mexico has increased significantly. The lighter the highlights, and the more transitions from one shade to another there are, the better. What’s more, balayage on brown hair is trending much more than the one on other shades of hair.

Add sun-kissed ends to an entire combination and Mexican women will be in awe with how good their locks look.


Sweden result

One of the boldest hair trends which made it to the top of the list of the most popular trends in Sweden, and we’re talking precisely about pink hair.

We’ve seen Kylie Jenner rocking this fabulous shade on her locks, and the women in Sweden are not much behind, according to Pinterest statistics that show an incredible increase in pinned hair colours on the boards of the women all over Sweden.

South Korea

South Korea result

In the land of impeccable skin, it would be virtually impossible for glowing skin to stay off the list of the hottest trends in South Korea. This Asian country is known for multiple skin care innovations, and the women in South Korea are doing their best to keep their skin flawless and spread the trend throughout the country and the rest of the world.

Aside from loving radiant skin, Korean women are also starting to be more open to hairstyle changes, with the perm being their number one hair trend.

South Africa

South Africa result

We’ve seen so many ground-breaking nail trends throughout the years, but only one managed to win our hearts forever. French manicure brings a dose of elegance and simplicity to your nails, allowing you to wear it on any occasion. From everyday affairs to weddings and black-tie events, your nails will look classy and lovely with this manicure, and women in South Africa are making it a huge trend for the year before us.

From glowing skin to bold makeup and innovative hairstyles, we’ve seen plenty of eye-catching beauty trends all over the world.

If you’re having second thoughts about changing your image, just pick some of the current world trends and embrace the change because you only live once, and you can always go back to your old style if the one you picked out doesn’t work to your advantage.

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2019 Makeup Tips: All About the Minimal

pexels photo 324657 result

Minimal makeup has become a huge trend recently. Was it ever really gone? Of course, bare face with nothing on it is not the same thing. The point of minimal makeup is to enhance your strengths and hide the things you are not too happy about, such as redness, pigmentation or spots. But how do you achieve the perfect look that can deceive somebody into thinking you really have nothing on?

pexels photo 324658 result

Take Care of Your Skin at All Times

This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway because how you wash your face is important. Especially if you have an event coming up and you’ll like to do minimal makeup – there’s a lot of space for mistakes. So use a gentle soap or a wash and a flannel cloth. You don’t want to use an exfoliant at this point, as it can bring out the redness in your complexion. Other times? Yes, but don’t overdo it, as physical exfoliation can damage your skin.


For the minimal makeup, you want to make sure your skin is soft, supple and hydrated. So there’s a step you don’t want to miss: moisturizing. Apply just a pea-sized amount of moisturizer all over your face. Apart from feeding your skin, this step will ensure that your makeup sits right there, but it won’t make your face look greasy. Just what we need!

Use a Foundation Made For You

Okay, maybe you don’t have access to a whole team making shades for a major makeup company, but you do have access to all the shades... so all you have to do is choose the right one. This is a crucial step but so many people are missing it and end up using the wrong colour, which ends up looking funny on their faces, to say the least. Invest some time into choosing the right foundation, and not only when it comes to color but texture as well. What do you want from a foundation, perfect coverage or just a little help, glowing or matte finish? When you do end up choosing the foundation – and remember, the colour of your skin also changes from winter to summer – remember to blend well. You’re not going for the clown look, but the minimal one!

pexels photo 361755 result

Use Little Tricks for the Eyes

We understand if you’re a mascara lover who cannot get enough of coats, endless mascara coats! But minimal makeup is all about being... well, minimal. What you can do, though, to draw attention to your eyes, is curling your eyelashes. This can really do much more than just applying mascara, no matter how good it is. If you’re not too sure about your curling skills, or just don’t want to be doing it every morning, try looking into eyelash extension deals, as there are some really good ones that won’t take last pounds out of your wallet. By having eyelash extension, you get to keep perfect eyelashes for a long time, with no effort. Worth considering.

Conceal if Needed

If there are any problem areas after you’ve put on your foundation, reach for a good concealer. Sometimes there are no problem areas, but since the colour of our skin is not even in all the areas of the face, you might want to use it anyway. If you have any dark under-eye circles, swipe the brush under your eyes, where you’ve already applied the concealer, then pat with your finger to blend.

pexels photo 1083933 result

Don’t Use Bronzer

This might come as a surprise to bronzer-loving girls, but even though it can look extraordinarily beautiful, you will want to skip it when trying to achieve a minimal look. Minimal makeup is all about trying to work with what you’ve got already; you don’t want to mess with the natural colours of your face, just work with them to bring out the best.

But You Can Use Blush

A lot of girls have memories of their grandmothers telling them they look amazing when they blush a little, be it from embarrassment or running. So blush is allowed in the minimal makeup (minus the sweat from working out, or the overall feeling when you feel awkward!). but try making it as soft and close to your natural blush as possible. Cream blushes work best for the soft look you are trying to achieve. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks – so exactly where you would blush naturally – and blend until you have a colour that’s very subtle, but still noticeable.

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Play with the Colour of Your Lips

Luckily, there is an abundance of shades that can work amazingly with the natural, minimal makeup. And a decade ago we thought nude is just one colour! You can use any nude shade you like, but you can also apply a little cream blush you just used on your cheeks to your lips – this will enhance their natural pigment, thus making them super lovely.

And Don’t Forget Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows can make it or break it – and by “it”, we mean your complete look. You don’t want them to have a very strong line. Actually, you want them to be natural, but with little help. So if your natural eyebrows are very light, blend a colour to give them a little shape. Bonus trick: use eyeshadow instead of a brow pencil. This gives you a much softer, more natural look.

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And there you have it – a natural makeup look that looks almost as if you have nothing on your face, but so much different from an actual bare face, and so much better. Enjoy the look and the compliments you will be getting!

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