Ok ladies it’s time to learn how to do your own manicure and polish while we are still under lockdown. This is a quick and simple Mini Egg design you can do on yourself with the kids, even the hubby in these unprecedented times. They seem to be joining in the fun!

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Now you can do this design in either normal polish or gel and I really do not recommended playing with chemicals unless you are trained of course.

I do the design using Gel polish because that’s pretty much all I use these days.

Step 1: You need five different pastel shades as close to resembling mini eggs. 

Step 2: Paint your nails in any colour formation and leave to dry. If using normal lacquer, I would leave to dry in between coats.
Screenshot 2020 04 01 at 21.17.39 resultStep 3: After checking to see if they are dry again take a dark brown/black polish and use either a tooth pick or hair grip if you haven’t got a dotting tool to create, your desired speckled effect. Leave to Dry.

Step 4: Finally apply the topcoat and leave to dry.
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Remember to regularly oil those cuticles even more so important as the isopropyl alcohol present in hand wash is stripping us all of our natural oils due to copious amounts of hand washing.


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