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Clarks enters the metaverse

The Metaverse - a place with endless possibilities and the world everyone wants to be a part of. So many brands and individuals are now fighting to be the new best thing in the metaverse, but as we all know there is a place for everyone. One of the brands that has just recently come up with a great experience for the younger fans is the British footwear brand Clarks with its new project the Cicaverse.

Clarkes shoesPh. Tauhidah Abdul (Unsplash)

Clarks creates ‘The Cicaverse’ making a debut into the metaverse through Roblox.


The Clarks And Roblox Collection

There are a lot of unexpected gaming crossovers to date, but Roblox and Clarks is definitely at the top of the list. I guess it makes sense though, kids love Roblox and they do wear shoes, so why not join forces to make something playful and fun. Together they have created the Clarks Cicaverse stadium that celebrates the retailer’s unisex sneaker style, the CICA. The stadium offers parkour, breakdancing and BMX games for kids to enjoy those with their friends and challenge those CICA trainers. The shoes are designed to empower kids to play without limits. Featuring one of the brand's most iconic, unisex childrenswear styles, this new virtual reality experience aims to inspire a whole new generation of fans.

The Cicaverse Experience

Clarks is offering ‘the sports tournament of a lifetime’ to its metaverse fans. When you step into the Clarks Stadium you will put the CICA to the test and battle out with your friends to see who can grab the highest score. You can test the sneakers on the dance floor while showing your best moves, or doing a BMX trick that you recently learned, or why not take part in the Parkour tournament. All alongside the rile-life athletes who helped create this experience and designing the CICA shoe collection, UK breakdancer B-Girl Terra, UK parkour champion Robbie Griffith and BMX rider Connor Stitt. Another cool feature to the metaverse experience is the virtual Clarks store, where players can give their gameplay a boost. You can find a variety of accessories that will make your avatar stand out and help you win the tournament, because of course there will be prizes. To celebrate the brand's heritage the winners will receive a limited-edition gold Cica X Roblox medallion necklace. A limited number of the same necklaces will also be made in real life and given as gifts to winners worldwide.

With summer coming right away and the kids being out of school there will be long hours spent outside playing and enjoying the sun or staying inside playing video games. Clarks has covered your kids every need for this summer. Now it's the time to enter the Cicaverse and start your next adventure in the virtual world.

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5 Summer Accessories for All Men

Summer is an excellent time to switch up your men’s style. Soft t-shirts and chinos are traditional summertime essentials you’ll need for your closet, but you should also pick up some accessories to finish your fresh look.

Mens AccessoriesPh. Norwood Themes (Unsplash)

The items on this list are subtle yet stylish enough to elevate any man’s summer wardrobe. Include them in your rotation, and you’ll be looking clean and classic all season long.

1. Versatile Summer Watch

Mens stylish watchPh. Salman Hossain Saif (Unsplash)

Summer watches are usually made of lightweight or water-resistant materials. They also tend to be lighter in colour than most men’s fall and winter watches. Swapping out a black leather piece or an intricate design can help move you into warmer weather.

If you’re shopping for a new timepiece to wear to work, a stainless steel watch with a brown leather strap is polished enough for the meeting room. While it looks professional, it’ll also match all your summer neutrals. You can even wear such a dynamic watch while you travel.

If you’re into outdoor adventures, get a fitness watch made of silicone and stainless steel. Details like reinforced glass will keep it from breaking while you’re out for a run or carrying your camping supplies. Some models come with GPS navigation to help guide you on your journey, while several sport modes for workouts will keep you fit and challenged.

Need more inspiration? Other popular choices in summer watches include designs with woven straps and timepieces with minimalist faces and mesh bands. With the right watch, you can accent a polo or a modal t-shirt without looking too loud or clunky. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your classic and understated style sense, a quality seasonal watch is just the right combination of fashion and functionality.

2. Braided or Woven Belt

Mens trouser beltPh. Norwood Themes (unsplash)

Woven and braided belts give off a more casual feel for men’s summer style. Versatile and timeless, you can find everything from thick, hand-braided belts to loom-braided belts for your shorts and pants. If you’re shopping for a rugged style for your outdoor adventures, the best accessories are usually made of leather and finished with a metal buckle.

You’ll find bigger braided belts in classic summertime colours like brown and tan, but a thicker black braid still looks laid-back enough for warmer weather. You can wear this style to work or even headed out to dinner. For an alternative to leather, try faux leather.

Since it’s summer, you can also go with a cotton blend. Linen woven belts are lightweight yet sophisticated, while acrylic belts can be perfect for traveling. Colours like khaki and white are popular, but guys also look great in olive green or rust red. Show off your chinos or khaki shorts with braided belts in trend-forward summer colours like blue and orange.

Some woven belts are multicoloured, which makes them fun for a party or vacation. No matter what look you choose, woven and braided belts are easily adjustable, which will help you to stay comfortable no matter what you’re doing. They’ll also feel lightweight, whether you’re wearing crisp white shorts or a classic pair of jeans.

3. Stylish, Lightweight Hat

Mens Fedora HatPh. Allef Vinicius (Unsplash)

Hats are a classic summer accessory. The best styles make it easy to protect your head and face from the sun while still elevating your signature look. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, the bucket hat is one of the most trendsetting fashions this season. These hats come in many different materials and with features for every occasion, including adjustable drawstrings for breezy weather and sophisticated colours like black and camel.

The baseball cap is still the perfect addition to a white crew neck shirt or a grey v-neck tee. Light colours and washed styles give a casual feel that matches perfectly with neutral tees. There are many options, including the traditional snapback and the unstructured “dad cap.” Look stylish in a panel hat or a trucker cap. Fitted caps are still as popular as ever, with lighter fabrics making them more comfortable in summer weather.

When you’re shopping for something for a beach vacation or a dinner date, try the Panama hat. The woven straw look goes great with crisp white collared shirts and lightweight blazers. You can also wear them with a light blue or sage green t-shirt and a pair of white or khaki pants. Off-white and tan Panama hats are among the most popular choices, but you can also find them in classic hues like brown and black.

If you’re looking for something a little different, try a wide-brimmed fedora or a pork pie hat in a seasonal summer colour. While neutrals are an obvious choice, you can also find them in shades like grey or burgundy. Fisherman caps are an excellent accessory for a nautical feel, while western hats are always rugged and adventurous enough for a summer journey.

4. Polarised, Trend-Forward Sunglasses

Mens SunglassesPh. Daniel Hooper (unsplash)

Like the men’s summer hat, polarised sunglasses are essential to your seasonal style. The best lenses will keep your vision crisp and clear while cutting down on glare. They’ll also come with stylish frames that can help to complete your summer outfits.

If you’re looking for polarised sunglasses this season, you can go with a traditional look or a trendsetting style. Aviators are classic frames that enhance almost any man’s face shape. Square-shaped sunglasses with black frames are sure to give off a beach vibe.

Lightweight, clear frames are popular for summer, while dramatic and masculine D-frames in black or grey will go with everything from white tees to denim collared shirts. Round-shaped tortoiseshell glasses are ideal for business casual outfits and sunset dinners. Double-bridged glasses will make you stand out while giving you the perfect amount of UV protection.

Oversized glasses are popular, which means you’ll find them in every frame shape. If you want a unique look that is both relaxed and trend-forward, try vintage-style sunglasses in retro colours like orange or yellow. Bold colours like cobalt blue and red will match the season’s most fashionable tees and jackets. Take them with you on the weekend or while you’re on vacation.

5. Comfortable, Seasonal Footwear

Mens Converse trainersPh. Aadil (Unsplash)

In the summer, the style of your footwear should match the look of your clothing. Lightweight colours and materials will complement your shirts and pants while keeping your feet cool. Feel like you’re on island time with a slip-on style. Whether you’re hanging out by the beach or at home, canvas slip-on sneakers go with all styles of casual pants and shorts. If you’re wearing joggers or khakis, these shoes are comfortable and versatile enough for nearly any outfit.

For more choices in slip-on footwear, try woven shoes or leather loafers. Boat shoes are casual footwear that add a nautical feel to your wardrobe. They come in every summer colour from navy to brown.

Canvas sneakers match well with shorts and denim pants. If you like the look of athletic shoes, you can even find high-top sneakers in breathable material. Espadrilles are still a popular men’s style, especially because they’re airy and many fabrics are sustainable.

More clogs are being made for men, which means you can find this convenient style of footwear for everything from hanging around the house to tropical vacations. Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean you can’t find something more formal. Driver shoes will complement everything from chinos to dress pants.

Feel Fresh and Stylish This Summer

When you have the right summer accessories for your closet, you’ll feel fresh and polished no matter where you go. Lightweight watches and footwear are perfect additions to your vacation packing list. You’re also sure to need sunglasses and a relaxed hat for your leisure time this summer. Since these items are perfect for all men, you can easily work them into your wardrobe as soon as the weather gets warm. While enjoying the weather, you may also find yourself with a new sense of confidence.

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What's better than emerging two completely different fashion worlds into one? In recent years more and more brands are experimenting and thinking outside of the box. 

Hermitage Shoes designed by Manolo BlahnikPh. Ninara (

Now more than ever major couture houses are seen collaborating on one-off collections with the aesthetically opposite brands. We have seen some great collections thanks to a variety of brands collaborating with each other, and that is the reason fashion is moving forward and keeping everyone on their toes.

Manolo Blahnik gives the iconic Birkenstock a makeover for this summer.

One of the most luxurious footwear brands in the world comes together with one of the world's most comfortable. It is for sure not the first time we see glamour and comfort to come together. Just in time for the warm seasons Manolo Blahnik and Birkenstock surprise us with an exciting collaboration. They want to showcase both their creativity and craftsmanship and introduce the Manolo woman to the world of comfort. Blahnik is known for partnering with various brands and celebrities but this is said to be one of his most memorable collaborations to date.

The Story Behind The Collection

One picture sparked the idea behind this new and exciting partnership. Manolo and Kristina Blahnik, his niece and chief executive of the brand, were invited to star in Birkenstocks 2020’ Spring/Summer Campaign. One thing led to another and now we are looking at the final results of the collaboration. The two brands seem to be the exact opposite but if you think about it they have more in common than we think - they are equally dedicated to high-quality craftsmanship and comfort. "We share many of the same brand and design values as Birkenstock and we are thrilled to bring this to life with the new Manolo Blahnik for Birkenstock collection", said Kristina Blahnik. “Our goal was to create timeless, high-quality, crafted to be cherished and enjoyed pieces and I am delighted with the results"

About The Collection

Manolo has been a Birkenstock fan ever since he can remember, wearing them most of his life. Without a doubt this collection is going to take the Manolo women and introduce her to the world of comfort. A take on the classic Birkenstock styles with a dash of Manolo’s elegant sophistication and signature elements. The first pieces are set to launch on the 24th of March. Everyone loves classics and it’s always a good start. The Birkenstock Arizona sandal and the Boston clog will be the focus of the first drop of the collection. Crafted in Manolo’s favourite material - velvet, as well as leather and embellished with crystal. A whole new addition to your outfits and a whole new experience for your feet. Following traditional Manolo Blahnik designs, all styles will be packaged in a polka-dot shoebox and special dust bag.

The collection will add some chic to your summer travel adventures. From walking around a tropical island to attending a fancy dinner party - the Manolo Blahnik for Birkenstock has you covered.

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PUMA x Mimi Webb: Cali Dream, pure self-love

PUMA is back with a dynamic launch: Cali Dream, born in collaboration with UK singer and songwriter Mimi Webb.

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FitFlop launches the new 2021 Walkstar sandal

Join celebrities of the likes of Penelope Cruz, Sofia Vergara, and former first lady Michelle Obama in a healthy stroll with the new FitFlop Original Walkstar for Summer 2021.

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Japan Meets Italy In “SEISHOU”

New Luxury Shoe Line Designed By Ikeda & Matsuzaki For Fratelli Borgioli combines Italian Craftsmanship With Japanese Style.

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Nae FW 20/21 Vegan Shoe Collection

Vegan shoe brand nae (no animal exploitation) is a Portuguese shoe brand, born in 2008 and based in Lisbon, Portugal.

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It’s sustainable. It’s practical. It’s frugal. You know all this about the capsule wardrobe trend, but you’re still reluctant to sign up for an overhaul of your entire closet. You wouldn’t even know where to begin!

The Trick to Making an Effective Capsule WardrobeWorn in more than one way and that cater to different occasions. Image source: Unsplash
Fortunately, the whole process is easier than you might think. We’re about to explain everything there is about capsule wardrobe and help you figure out how to create your own.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

When you get up in the morning, how long does it take to put together an outfit? Can you get dressed in five minutes? Or do you have to carefully plan every outfit in advance if you want to look good?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of garments that all coordinate well with each other. Basically, it’s an organised, elegant approach to getting dressed that doesn’t leave much room for error. Instead of waking up to a chaotic closet full of mismatched pieces that you don’t know what to do with, you’ll have a little more order in your life.

A capsule wardrobe is not meant to stifle your creativity, it’s merely meant to be practical. Instead of stuffing your home with a lot of unnecessary garments that you rarely get to wear, you’ll save both time and money by having things that can be.

Where do I start?

We’ll give you some suggestions on what you might need:

● Good pair of skinny or straight-leg jeans
● Tailored trousers

tailored trousersImage source: Unsplash

● Plain cotton t-shirts
● Cardigans

long cardiganImage source: Unsplash

● Black ankle boots

anklebootsImage source: Unsplash

● Little black dress
● Trench coat

grey coatImage source: Unsplash

● Pencil skirt or A-line skirt

pencil skirtImage source: Unsplash

● White blouse

These are some good basics that you can start with. The aim is to have around 50 pieces of clothing that are easy to mix and match and that always look good on you.

Another thing you might want to think about is how easy it is to maintain a specific garment. For example, does it wrinkle easily, how complicated is it to clean, do you need a special clothes hanger for it — these are things you need to consider if you want to fill your wardrobe with lasting items that don’t require too much maintenance.

The Art Is In The Accessories

Instead of a cluttered closet full of things that you don’t even remember buying, embrace minimalism. Just because your outfit is simple doesn’t mean it’s boring, and it doesn’t mean you can’t make it insanely glamorous with a few accessories.

necklaceImage source: Unsplash

If you want inspiration, take a look at Aussie women. They don’t bother with fussy outfits with too many tacked-on details. Those ladies rely on their gorgeous beach tans, sunny smiles, light clothing, and fun statement pieces to show off their carefree, effortless elegance. They find gorgeous jewellery online in Australia and rely on it to bring some sassiness to their look.

And it’s not just jewellery. You can spruce up your plain white tee and jeans combo with a floral scarf and a cute hat. You can wear those same jeans and tee with a leather jacket and ankle boots for a whole different vibe. Fashion is art. You don’t always need crazy cuts and wild colours to stand out. You need skill.

Here are a few suggestions that will make any outfit pop:

● Colourful scarves

scarvesImage source: Unsplash

● Big statement necklaces
● Print headbands
● Huge handbags

handbagImage source: Unsplash

● Cateye sunglasses

cateye sunglassesImage source: Unsplash

● Black heels

Cheap Clothes Are Expensive

Here’s a crazy thought: the best way to save money is to spend more of it. Initially, at least. While this sounds insane, hear us out. When you go to a sale, you usually find a bunch of cheap garments that you can buy in bulk. T-shirts, pants, skirts, sweaters, the whole lot. But since these garments are so cheap, most of them tend to be of very poor quality.

Those shirts might be only ten bucks a piece, but they look a little misshapen and they fall apart after only a few months of wear. You’re basically buying stuff that doesn’t even look all that good on you and that won’t last through the summer. Then you re-buy. Then they fall apart again. And the cycle continues. You waste a ton of money on clothes that look bad, feel scratchy against your skin, and that you have to throw away after a few seasons of wear.

The idea is to invest in high-quality pieces. The idea is to invest in clothes that make you happy. Instead of buying ten shirts just because they are on sale, buy a single one that makes you feel great and look great when you wear it.

Does everything need to be in neutral colours?

Nope. Colours such as black, navy, brown, and beige are simply easy to combine, but you are more than welcome to add some fun to it. Perhaps you’re a redhead that looks stunning in jewel tones, or maybe your bubbly personality can’t do without bright shades of yellow. Maybe you just look good in red.

colorsImage source: Unsplash

The best way to go fill up your capsule wardrobe with effective basics is to have a good selection of neutral pieces and then add a few colourful items that can break the monotony.

You Decide What Your Base Wardrobe Is

You are unique. Your fashion is an extension of your personality, and you shouldn’t fit yourself into a box. Basics such as plain black slacks might work for one person, but what if you’re the kind of gal who mostly wears skirts and dresses?

Everyone’s capsule wardrobe basics are different, because our fashion styles are different. If you don’t like our suggestions, that’s totally okay. Here’s how you can decide what kind of basic garments are right for you: try each and every single item from your closet on. Consider what kind of clothes makes you happy. Consider what looks good. Look at the colours that draw you in.

Once you’re done, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what kind of items you should stick to, and what you need to throw away and refrain from buying in the future.

colorful cardiganImage source: Unsplash

The Philosophy Behind Capsule Wardrobe

We love our shiny, pretty, impractical pieces of clothing. We love our sparkly disco dress even though we only wore it to the New Year’s party two years ago. We love our six-inch stilettos even though they make our feet hurt if we wear them too long. We love our skin-tight leather pants even though they always make us sweat and make a weird squeaky sound every time we sit down.

Our delicate pastel suede shoes that can only be worn when the weather is dry, our crop top knit sweater that doesn’t even keep our midriff warm, our chiffon blouse that can only be dry cleaned — these are our babies. They make us look hot. But damn, are they a hassle to wear sometimes.

When you’re rushing to work, when you’ve got to take the kids to school, when you realise your closet is basically falling apart under the weight of all your clothes — this is when you start realising capsule wardrobe might be a good idea.

Not to mention how you could reduce the enormous environmental footprint of fast fashion. With the threat of global warming looming over us, finding more ways to enjoy fashion sustainably is the key to helping our ecosystem survive.

This doesn’t mean you have to throw your old clothes away. Merely consider them. Go through your garments and see whether they are actually of any use to you and whether it makes you happy to wear them.

Final Thoughts

If you’re tired of trying to figure out your outfits every morning, if your closet looks depressingly chaotic, if you’re trying to find an easy way to look great without hassle — capsule wardrobe is right for you.
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Unisex Ankle Boots Are 100% Organic, Made From Organic Cotton, Coconut Fiber, and Natural Rubber.

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Fashions Finest Announces Online Store Launch

Fashions Finest, launches online store ahead of London Fashion Week with their main website also being in receipt of a redesign.

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