Friday, 27 May 2022 22:27

Clarks enters the metaverse

The Metaverse - a place with endless possibilities and the world everyone wants to be a part of. So many brands and individuals are now fighting to be the new best thing in the metaverse, but as we all know there is a place for everyone. One of the brands that has just recently come up with a great experience for the younger fans is the British footwear brand Clarks with its new project the Cicaverse.

Clarkes shoesPh. Tauhidah Abdul (Unsplash)

Clarks creates ‘The Cicaverse’ making a debut into the metaverse through Roblox.


The Clarks And Roblox Collection

There are a lot of unexpected gaming crossovers to date, but Roblox and Clarks is definitely at the top of the list. I guess it makes sense though, kids love Roblox and they do wear shoes, so why not join forces to make something playful and fun. Together they have created the Clarks Cicaverse stadium that celebrates the retailer’s unisex sneaker style, the CICA. The stadium offers parkour, breakdancing and BMX games for kids to enjoy those with their friends and challenge those CICA trainers. The shoes are designed to empower kids to play without limits. Featuring one of the brand's most iconic, unisex childrenswear styles, this new virtual reality experience aims to inspire a whole new generation of fans.

The Cicaverse Experience

Clarks is offering ‘the sports tournament of a lifetime’ to its metaverse fans. When you step into the Clarks Stadium you will put the CICA to the test and battle out with your friends to see who can grab the highest score. You can test the sneakers on the dance floor while showing your best moves, or doing a BMX trick that you recently learned, or why not take part in the Parkour tournament. All alongside the rile-life athletes who helped create this experience and designing the CICA shoe collection, UK breakdancer B-Girl Terra, UK parkour champion Robbie Griffith and BMX rider Connor Stitt. Another cool feature to the metaverse experience is the virtual Clarks store, where players can give their gameplay a boost. You can find a variety of accessories that will make your avatar stand out and help you win the tournament, because of course there will be prizes. To celebrate the brand's heritage the winners will receive a limited-edition gold Cica X Roblox medallion necklace. A limited number of the same necklaces will also be made in real life and given as gifts to winners worldwide.

With summer coming right away and the kids being out of school there will be long hours spent outside playing and enjoying the sun or staying inside playing video games. Clarks has covered your kids every need for this summer. Now it's the time to enter the Cicaverse and start your next adventure in the virtual world.

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