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24 Days Of teapigs

The temperature is dropping, winter is coming and Christmas around the corner.

This can only mean one thing, tea, tea and… yup, you guessed it, more tea!

teapigs is pleased to be bringing back it’s Advent calendar with some much-loved winter favourites, as well as some very exciting new products which are perfect for everyone – from brew connoisseurs to those who simply like to catch up over a cuppa. Let’s take a look…

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24 Days Of Teapigs

It’s back! And with a fab refreshed look for 2021.

24 days of teapigs allows tea lovers to don their tea tasting hat and slurp their way through a new blend every morning in the run up to the big day. This year the calendar includes some limited edition wintry blends and cold brew teas, too.

With much-loved flavours such as spiced winter red, glühwein, spiced pear and gingerbread and they are joined by brand new sweet spearmint, too!

An indulgent, but guilt-free, way to feel festive.

The added bonus is that teapigs teas, are made from all-natural ingredients and have no artificial ingredients, sugars, or sweeteners. Oh we love to hear this!

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We can't wait to try out these wonderful teapig teas and if previous years are anything to go by, these won't hang around for long so get yours now!

Available at | RRP £29.99

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