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Classy Ways to Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

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About to get married? Congratulations! There are probably plenty of things you have to do and tasks to take care of. Luckily, searching for the perfect wedding dress should be a fun thing to look forward to. Accessorizing your ideal gown can be even more exciting, but, in case you need some help with this, keep on reading.

Pick Your Veil Properly

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If you want to have a veil to accompany your bridal look, it’s important to get the material that perfectly matches the color of your wedding dress. What’s more, keep in mind what you want to show on your wedding day; do you have a dress with plenty of intricate details at the back? If so, you want a light, see-through veil that won’t cover everything up. Furthermore, if your wedding dress already has plenty of things going on, you should go for a simpler veil. Finally, the length of the veil can make a difference, too. If you’re shorter, you might want to look into really long veils. On the other hand, taller brides might benefit more from a fingertip or elbow-length veil. Birdcage or bandeau short veils look great regardless of your height and are very popular for a more retro wedding style.

Match The Jewellery To Your Dress

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If your wedding dress already has some beading and other detailed work in a certain colour, you want to match the base of your jewellery to it; so, gold lining with gold pieces, etc. In general, beautiful fine jewellery is your best option for a stylish and elegant bridal look. But the color of your dress will also dictate the metal you decide to go with. For instance, an ivory dress pairs best with gold jewellery. Pure white matches amazingly well with silver and platinum. Off-white diamond shades go great with rose gold, silver and pearls.

Be Careful Not To Go Overboard

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Less is more, and even though you want to accessorize your wedding dress, you don’t want to go overboard and make the whole look too cluttered. Essentially, you don’t need to have it all – necklace, bracelet, earrings together with tiara, veil and maybe even existing details on the dress will just be too much. It’s important to create balance. If you have an embellished neckline, skip the necklace and focus on earrings instead. But if you will keep your hair down instead in an elegant updo, you won’t need statement earrings. Also, you should choose between a tiara or a veil; both of them at the same time can clash with each other. Alternatively, you might want to try a flower crown instead of tiara and veils, which works best with flowy and simpler dresses.

Jazz It All Up With Shoes

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Shoes are a very important part of your bridal look, especially if you’re wearing a shorter dress that will show them off. Unlike veils, shoes can pop – however, if you want to go traditional, match the white or ivory shade of your dress to the shoes. On the other hand, you can always go with a splash of colour, which is a really popular trend. What’s more, rhinestones and other embellishments can look especially endearing on bridal shoes, especially when matched to jewellery. Most importantly, consider your comfort. If you can’t stand heels and don’t know how to walk properly in them, you don’t need to buy them for the wedding either. There are plenty of elegant low-heel shoes and flats available too. Make sure to wear your wedding shoes around your home for at least a couple of weeks to break them in before your wedding.

For your big day, you should be happy and satisfied; furthermore, you should give yourself the luxury to look however you want as a bride. In that respect, the most important bridal trends and accessories are your own dreams and ideas.

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Expert Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

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“Planning my wedding was really simple and stress-free,” said no bride ever. Truly, this experience is a pit full of anxieties and panic attacks just lurking to get you. Did you know that it is quite possible to have a perfectly planned wedding with minimum stress? Of course, it is. There are people who do that for a living and since they have done it hundreds of times, they have all the right tips and tricks up their sleeves that will help you have a dream-like ceremony. Here are some of the top helpful hacks to make it happen.

Set The Budget First

Planning the finances is the most annoying part of the wedding organization, which is why you should deal with it before anything else. The first thing you should do is calculate an approximate budget you can afford. This will help you decide on the number of the guests, the venue and many other things. You should always add a little extra to the total sum, in case anything unpredictable happens. Pay upfront for everything that can be paid right away, and take advantage of the high cost of wedding organization by signing up for a credit card with a rewards program.

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Guests Before The Venue

Your budget will lead you to set the number of guests, and the number of the guests will lead you to the right choice of venue. Choose a wedding venue only after you’ve determined the exact number of guests to make sure there is enough space for everyone. You can follow a general guideline which recommends that the chosen space has about 25 square feet per guest.

Rely On Recommendations

Wedding planning is all about making choices. Sometimes the search for professionals, such as photographers, florists, and DJs can be very exhausting. To make the selection process easier and smoother, rely on warm recommendations of the other wedding professionals. You see, the photographers, florists, catering services, restaurants and others have all worked on many weddings and some of them have worked together. Your restaurant can recommend a photographer who worked on previous weddings there, and your photographer can give you a tip about a good florist, and so on.

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Picture A Theme And Let It Guide You

It is very difficult to plan a wedding as a series of single steps, and things can get really chaotic. If you want to have a cohesive ceremony, set the theme and the color scheme at the very beginning, and sync all the other wedding decorations with the dominant theme. Start with elegant wedding invitations and make the venue décor match their color palette. The invitations can also inspire some interesting dress details, and why not, the wedding menu.

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Wear What You Love

Being yourself on the biggest day of your life is the most important advice you can get. Forget what anyone tells you about an elegant ball gown for the bride and a tux for the groom. It is important to wear what you feel comfortable in because this day is all about you. And if you feel like wearing a white tux and a pair of red shoes, go for it. Or if you want to put on some sneakers so you can dance the night away, that is up to you, too. The same goes for hair and makeup.

One Step At A Time

Finally, wedding planning is a process, and you should organize by doing one task at a time. The optimal time frame for planning a wedding is one year. The most important thing is to set the date and budget at least twelve months ahead of the wedding. In the following couple of months, you should choose the dress and book the professional wedding services you will require. Three months before the wedding, it should all be about preparing the ceremony and after that, you’re left with the small details like dress fitting, seating plan, writing vows, etc.

These six tips should help you minimize the wedding planning stress and maximize the wedding success.

Written by Emma Lawson 

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