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The BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association) launches a new competition focused on the influencer marketing industry.
Monday, 29 June 2020 13:57

Digital London Fashion Week Highlights

From 12-14th June 2020, the world witnessed the first ever digital London Fashion Week, whereby the rule book was quite literally torn up and re-written, with the organisers telling us to take the opportunity to listen, reflect, communicate and start to reset our mind-set. Great advice, and timing, considering how topsy turvy everything has seemed over recent months.

LFW have branded this a new era, and a way of viewing the fashion world in 360 degrees. This year’s platform boasted a global, season-less and gender neutral arena, with a mixture of both collections which are available now, as well as those that will be in stores in the future.

LFW successfully used a storytelling narrative, with music, picture, discussion and conversation as well as video links to lead us through the long weekend, showing off the creative work of the designers as they went.

Fashions Finest have loved following the story from start to finish, as well as enjoying the feast for the senses the weekend has been. Below are just some of our highlights.

Alighieri Jewellery

Love in the Wasteland 31 resultPicture from LFW, British Fashion Council

Rosh Mahtani is the founder of Alighieri jewellery, launched in 2014: a brand inspired by the beautiful “Divine Comedy” which is a long Italian narrative poem by Dante Alighieri, widely considered to be one of the greatest works of world literature.

The Alighieri brand is focused on creating timeless talismans, each with their own story. The pieces of jewellery are indeed beautiful, timeless and inspiring, and Fashions Finest loves her work. This February Rosh was also the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Award for supporting local communities and manufacturing sustainably within six streets of her London studio.


Teija campaign image during London Fashion Week June 2020 on 9th of June in London UK (Photo by Suzanna Gembege for Teija)Picture from LFW, British Fashion Council

TEIJA is a luxury brand founded in 2012 in London by Teija Eilola, with ready-to-wear clothing for women.

The brand’s delicate and subversive aesthetic merges unpredictable Nordic romanticism with modern sense of tailoring and couture inspired techniques that transform practical purpose into luxury clothing. Teija is also working hard to reduce its impact on the environment, by encouraging longevity and offering a repair service for their clothing. Each season Teija research sustainable and recycled materials and collaborate with traceable fabric mills to improve the sustainability of their products.


Series 2, Look 3Picture from LFW, British Fashion Council

Fashions Finest loves the almost vintage, surfer dude and chic vibe, which parc has got going on here. With it’s fresh and optimistic colour scheme, it is visually bold, relaxed luxury clothing, at it’s most fun…which is exactly what PARC co-founders Paul Rawson and Anthony Campbell intended when they launched the brand in the summer of 2018.

PARC is a platform of collaborative energy that is as much about the experience and creative process as it is about the final garments themselves. To date the brand has worked with artisans and accessories and textile designers including James Millar, Rarethread, Noel Stewart and Carol Wiseman. As a collective, they developed and produced the rich fabrications, embellishments and accessories that rapidly established the PARC aesthetic.
Wednesday, 17 June 2020 11:35

Go Wireless - support for bra sizes D+

Contemporary bra company, Wear My Freedom, has launched the Freedom Bra®, one of the UK’s first wire-free bras that provides genuine support and lift for D+ cup.
Thursday, 11 June 2020 15:10

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

So far, 2020 could be called a bit of a wash out, and many of us may have not even realised that Fathers Day is quickly approaching!

As usual, Fashions Finest is here to help you choose a great gift for all of those wonderful Fathers, Godfathers, Uncles and Grandfathers. Take a look at the great ideas below, and you will be sure to find something super for that super man in your life!

Whether You Are Loving The Quarantine Beard, Or Want It Gone - Help Him Look His Best.
Wet shaving gift set resultPicture From LWPR

Lots of men have decided to embrace their natural facial hair growth over the past few weeks, and what better way to celebrate Fathers Day than to gift him a set from Kent Brushes, which is recognised globally for it’s extensive haircare expertise built upon nearly 250 years of rich British heritage. Kent Brushes offers beautiful and high quality beard brushes for under £20.00, to help him tame and train his facial locks, ready to face the world as the lockdown eases, or alternatively, classic wet shaving sets, for a clean shave - the way his father used to do it for £25.00.

Visit Kent Brushes to find the right grooming gift
for the man in your life this Fathers Day. 

If Beer Is His Thing...

gettingpersonal 953477 result
Picture From
Try this multi-award-winning pale ale which is sure to delight the good fellow, with it’s scratch resistant label with your own message written on it, and a luxury gift box option as an added extra, this gift of his favourite tipple is a great way to help him relax and unwind in style this Fathers Day.
Show him how thoughtful you are this Fathers Day, and as an added bonus - the website offers next day delivery for those of us who leave things until the last minute. Available from getting personal at less than £10.00 a bottle, it won’t break the bank either.

Accessorise With Style

dune 1233505 resultPicture From

With this classic and stylish wash bag from Dune London, you can gift him with something he can use with pride for many years to come. The detail on this piece makes it something out of the ordinary, and oozes sophistication. Available from their website at £22.00 (currently reduced) you can be the one who gave him the best Father’s Day present this year, and with other accessories available to buy in the same style, this gift can be a theme for Christmas and his birthday too - until he has the whole set!

Give A Charity Donation And A Gift All In One

national 1207906 resultPicture From The National

We have probably all been appreciating the outdoors much more over the last few weeks, with the lovely weather, nothing much to do, and ‘outside’ being much less accessible to us. This gift, available from The National Trust online shop at a cost of £10.00 will pay homage to the outdoor life he may have missed, or alternatively, the garden life he has been enjoying, as well as helping to safeguard areas of natural beauty. With 100% of its profits used to support conservation work, the National Trust undertakes to care for all the special places it owns, and we can be a small part of this great work.

Your special guy will love the beauty and functionality of this karabiner multi-tool gift, and appreciate the charity giving part of it too. An all-round winner of a gift.

Something A Little Bit Different

theluxecandleco 1009506 resultPicture From The Luxe Candle Co

With the strapline rightfully noting that candles aren’t just for girls, the mandle is made specifically with men in mind. They are curated, mixed and poured by Luxe Candle’s in-house mixologists, to incorporate a strong masculine styling, and musky, rich and spicy flavours. Each candle is created with ethically sourced products for the environmentally conscious male, and includes a beautiful gift box to hold the candle. A fantastic gift to help him relax and unwind in a space of his own this Fathers Day.

Available from Luxe Candle Co, at a cost of £19.00, you can help him to re-discover his sensitive side with this very special gift. 
Wednesday, 03 June 2020 13:21

Agapé Studio Launches a new Collection

Agapé Studio launches its third collection based on what defines the brand.
SheaMoisture have announced a £40,000 relief fund, aimed at helping black female salon owners navigate their way through Covid-19.

There's no better time to start a self-care routine than in the summer. Whether you already have practices in place or need to start from scratch, the sunshine and warm weather create the motivation you need for self-love.

self care 1

Here are some self-care tips to help you look and feel your best during the summer months.

Start a Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin is a must during the summer months. In addition to wearing sunscreen every day, you should dedicate some time to starting a basic morning and evening skincare routine.

Keep it simple with the basics: cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturizing. If possible, book a virtual consultation with an esthetician to get guidance on how to best care for your skin type. A simple skincare routine will only take up five to ten minutes of your day, but leave you looking refreshed for years to come.


If drinking enough water is a struggle for you, you aren't alone. The summertime tends to be easier to start creating healthy hydration habits, as warm air generates thirst. Drinking water is the best way to keep your digestive tract moving along nicely, reducing bloating and discomfort. It also nourishes your skin from the inside-out, making it look younger and more supple.

If you don't like the "taste" of water, infuse it with fresh fruit or herbs. Remember to have a glass of water after every alcoholic beverage to prevent hydration and wasted summer days.

Give Your Hair a Rest

Your hair is already subject to a lot of damaging elements during the summer. The sun is perhaps one of the leading causes of hair damage, while also fading your dye. Pair that with salt from the ocean or chemicals from the pool, and your hair will be begging for some TLC.

Summer is the ideal time to give your hair a rest. Put the hot tools away, leave the color touch-ups for the fall, and let your natural hair do its thing. If you want an edgy look that requires a lot of processing, opt for a wig instead. The full lace wigs at the EvaWigs offer a variety of natural-looking styles that will leave your real hair relaxed and untouched.

saelf care 2

Schedule Unplugged Hours

Give your mental health a break by scheduling unplugged hours on your social media. Focus on being present and enjoying the day, learning new hobbies, and not comparing yourself to others. Social media can be very damaging to your mental health, creating feelings of body dysmorphia, anxiety, FOMO, and depression. Those hours spent scrolling could be used to enjoy the fleeting summer sun.

There are a few ways to go about this. Consider leaving your phone untouched in your room for the morning, refusing to look at it until after lunch. Alternatively, you can unplug from your social media during the weekends. Use an app to block you from logging in during set timeframes, so you don't fall into old habits.

Focus on Micro-Movements

Don't worry about starting a full-blown exercise routine during the summer. Instead, focus on introducing more micro-movements into your daily existence. This is a great way to burn more calories and scale up your metabolism over time, whether you're an avid exerciser or just get started.

Micro-movements are the non-exercise motions you make throughout the day. The simple act of racking up more steps on a FitBit is an example of micro-movement. Set the alarm to get up and walk around your workspace each hour, giving your body time to stretch. Park further away from the grocery store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. These seemingly small changes yield big results over time.

These are just a few simple self-care practices that will help both your physical and mental wellness. Remember, beauty shines from the inside out. Taking care of yourself is the best way to look and feel great for the summer and beyond.

Friday, 08 May 2020 12:38

Strawberry Kisses

Photographer Joanna Mitroi completes a hat trick with this third photography shoot featuring model Magda Swider and her strawberry kisses.

Fashions Finest just adores this third instalment from Joanna Mitroi featuring fruit from Marks and Spencer, and showcasing exquisite detail in every piece of fruit, as well as the colourful and flawless makeup from Marie Spoik. More glimpses of summer are to be found in this delicious soft fruit shoot. 

Picture3strawberry kisses resultPhotography: Joanna Mitroi Photography

Picture1strawberry kisses resultPhotography: Joanna Mitroi Photography

Picture2Strawberry Kisses resultPhotography: Joanna Mitroi Photography

Stylist, Creative Director & Retoucher: @joanna_mitroi Joanna Mitroi

Photography: Joanna Mitroi Photography

Makup Artist & Hair: Marie Sopik

Model: Magda Swider

According to a recent report published by S&P Global Market Intelligence, U.K. retail sales volume unexpectedly plunged the most on record in March, when coronavirus-related shutdowns took effect to stem the spread of the virus.