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In answer to ur white women questions:
1.Not everyone tans for that reason, some just don't like being pale (don't know why) and others such as me, just wish to be more resistant to the sun.
2. U may not wrinkle as much, but u definitely age, ive noticed that white skin just tend to wrinkle and black skin tends to age if u get what i mean like. And having botox has nothing to do with black features, that's just not wanting to wrinkle.
3. Yes ur right why do white women get lip injections, but can i add its not just whites and that some white people can actually have big-ish lips naturally (uncommon but still) and the big butt thing, again they do it cos men prefer it and whats that gotta do with black women, u don't have bigger butts at least thats what i see, the only women ive seen so many people with big butts (for their body) of any race or gender.